A Rebel s Prayer

I am a rebel, A rebel I stand,
And countless stone crosses,
They cover my land,
I fight for my country,
That I love so dear,
And with that faith,
I can know no fear,
The Green flag is risen,
All over the land,
Justice is call-in,
For all the dead men,
For all those imprisoned,
Tortured and live in fear,
I am of those who are hunted,
For I am here to free,
To free this my land,
And to hear the plea,
Of those of my country so dear,
I will die if I must,
In this tyrants hand,
But in my death it will be God I trust,
Oh! Jesus please hear me,
As I go to fight,
As cry do all we,
For freedom and justice,
For England s abroad, To take and to kill,
Our land and our God,
Dear lord tell me mercy,
For all of my foes,
If they beg a plea,
Please teach me to spare those.
For I hate no man,
Nor Country,
I only wish to free my land,
From Tyrant s tyranny.