Kevin Barry

It was a cold November day,
In the year of 1920,
Twas the first of the month,
The death date of Kevin Barry.

He marched to the gallows so bold,
His cheeks were red in the cold,
But in his good heart he was beaming,
For proud to die was Kevin Barry.

He had been tortured in his cell,
But nothing to them would he tell,
So sentenced to death was he,
Goes soon to die Kevin Barry.

His country was Ireland Green,
His love for her was seen,
When on that gallows he stood,
No fear in strong Kevin Barry.

They dare kill another Irish warrior,
And not even the death of a soldier,
Was given when it was asked for,
By 18 year old Kevin Barry.

Kevin died a dog's death on the gallows,
And after such poor history follows,
Michael and civil war oh shame,
Tis not what Kevin Barry died for.

Look now at his death and see,
It is a message for you and me,
Join and unite make Ireland free,
Avenge the death of brave Kevin Barry.