Lone Outlaw

A gun hung loosely on his hip,
He smiled at her as he tossed the tip,
Thanks for the drink, me lass says he,
Have one yourself, it's on me.

The blue-eyed beauty gently smiled,
And when she spoke, her voice was mild,
Good sir I thank you for the pay,
Will you walk me home at end of day?

My fair good lass, the man replied,
I am an outlaw, the big man cried,
Even to be seen walking near,
People crumble and flee in fear.

The law would come, guns in hand,
They'd shoot me dead in this land,
My lass you're far too young to die,
Far to pretty to meet God on high.

Oh foolish, man, the girl did cry,
I shall not wait for you to die,
Come along and marry me,
We shall be happy, you shall see!

My lass, he sighed, putting on his hat,
I'm happy I met you, I'm glad for that,
My dear dove, I love your touch,
Oh my girl, I love you much.

But alone, I must ride,
For at my hand, men have died,
I'll never say that it was right,
It caused me many a sleepless night.

But still, alas, for my life I fear,
Do not weep, don't shed a tear,
I don't deserve such things from you,
Oh my girl, you are so true.

Find another, don't wait for me,
If I'm caught, I'll never be free,
Listen love, go find a man,
I know you will, I know you can.

Never! Wept the girl so sad,
I love you sir, though you be bad,
If your blood must be spilt,
I shall not stand aside and wilt!

Take me with you, my lover true,
I shall live alone with you,
Never shall we break apart,
Never shall I wound your heart!

The outlaw shook his head and stood,
I must stand alone, you are too good,
My love I ask you to remember me,
Oh dear girl, please hear my plea!

I will not take away your life,
Simply so you could be my wife,
My lass, I'm leaving, never to be seen,
I bid you farewell, my darling queen!

He left her there, to sigh and moan,
But in his heart, he kept her homed,
Alone he rode at break of day,
Alone the outlaw, alone to stay.