Little Brother (Ian)

I sat to watch my brother play,
He jumps and laughs all the day,
Sitting on our father's knee,
He tells us what he wants to be.

A hero, a racer and soldier too,
Oh little voice and eyes so true,

He smiles broad, he claps his hands,
He says he wants to be a man.

His innocence I love to see,
His simple thoughts, his little pleas,
He wonders at the earth and sky,
Oh little bird, who'll someday fly.

When his eyes are gleaming sad,
I cannot in my heart be mad,
When mother's vase the best he broke,
The salty tears his cheek did soak.

But he's not all smiles, though he seems,
That little boy, he shouts and screams,
Throws an occasional temper tantrum,
Oh the headache, my poor mum!

But all the weariness he does cause,
When he sleeps I stop and pause,
I watch him in his peaceful slumber,
It outweighs anger by a number.

Sleep little angel without wings,
Go to sleep while mommy sings,
For one day you'll leave the nest,
Treasure this time God has blessed.