Stand and Defend

Mine eyes are weary and heavy set,

My mind draws blank as the sun sinks,

My body becomes too weak to walk,

And dark falls upon the meadows,

Amid the sly-creeping night shadows,

I lay me down to rest under an oak tree.

Into the dreamland I found myself descending,

And dreamt of a happy, shining place,

The sun was gold over this land of green hills,

The people were cheerful and happy,

No dim thought of wickedness did they think

All about the land lie graves and memorials to the dead,

Around these places grew shamrocks and roses,

The lovely buds were stained with the blood of heroes,

Men forgotten by the living, the foolish, the young,

They did not know or care for the names of these men.

Yet still as old men pass they bow to them,

For they have not forgotten or lost memory,

Of commanders, soldiers, heroes who died for a cause,

Pure was their death for it was to free,

This faulse-happy land known as Ireland.

Yes the living and young had forgotten them but yet not the old,

For when these heroes died the now old became living and free,

Yet dead for the thought of slavery to another man.

Oh young people open your eyes!

Should the old bring this living death to grave with them when they pass?

Awake from you dreams and fantasies,

And fulfill your long avoided duty,

To defend what they not so long ago defended.

Defend and leave behind your luxuries!

For it is not with ease you set a country free,

The old knew this as did those heroes dead.

Will you stand as did your fathers old?

Or sit and lie about for some one else to do so?

Stand and fight with me!

Will you answer the call?

Or obtain the names of lazy and cowardice?

Love or vice? God or yourself? Freedom or slavery?

The choice is yours alone to make.

It was later I awoke and saw the sun arising,

And up again pack in hand I strove.

I am not one of the youthful, who are blind,

I go to answer Ireland's call, I am not tricked,

By all the goods that would hold me back,

For that what you carry in this life,

Goodness and bravery will alone go on,

The worldly things will drop when its over,

But what is more?

Sacrifice of life for God and Country?

Or sacrifice of life to the luxuries of the world?

To drown in just glory,

Or clear truth of neglected duty?

Forgive me for not really having a beat to it. Can't win them all.