Romance Renaissance

Fingertips race like fire over burning skin,

Devouring flames that crackle within.

A blaze of heat, lips surging south,

Passion burning, anchored mouth to mouth.


Arctic air in whirlwinds between,

Bright light smothers, darkness not seen.

Ice freezing their lips whenever they part,

Warmed again by boiled blood from the heart.


This romance renaissance for which they've waited so long,

It consumes the conscience – no right or wrong.

Only fingertips racing and blazes of heat,

And hearts that judder, tremble and beat.

I know this is a little short… I tried to make it longer but I felt it kinda ruined it. But yeah, it's palindromic so technically, it's twice as long as it looks! :) I'd love to know your thoughts. :D

X :D