Chapter 1 Sarah

"So your aunts coming to town this weekend right?" Mike asked as we were getting lunch.

"Yeah, my mom's not happy about it though. She wants her to go back to school and not be all over the world." I answered leaving the line and going to our normal seat.

My mother's parents died just after she was married and her youngest sister, my aunt, moved in with them in order to finish high school. At some point, though, she started writing and publishing books. The money allowed her to leave out of high school for a dig in Egypt and then to an expedition to China. Both my parents wanted her to go to college like she'd been planning to before the accident but my aunt was set on the dig. We watched out for any news of her and every once and a while we would see another book pop up. We always assumed, thanks to the books, that she was alive and well.

"Come on she's cool. She gets to go off on adventures and explore all those amazing places all the time." Mikayla said.

"But she's never been to college; my mom wants her to settle down and get a real job." I sighed. "There's also the problem of the fact that she doesn't stay in contact with any of her family or anyone back here but her publisher who won't tell us anything. My mom was her legal guardian after their parents died and my aunt doesn't seem to care."

"Get over it there's nothing you can do. Let the adults handle it." Mike said.

I sighed. They were probably right but it was still stressful. I just sat there biting my cheek in silence. "Whatever."

The bell rang and we all headed in separate directions to get to class. I had history which made it even harder to not focus on my aunt's visit especially when my teacher brings up a new find in Europe dating back to the middle ages. Of course, Aunt Eliza had been working the dig. The whole thing might have blown over quickly if the teacher hadn't shown a news clip on the dig featuring Eliza talking about the remains they'd found and displaying some of the artifacts.

"Ms. Rigney, what were you and your team hoping to find wen this dig began?" The English reporter asked.

"Well, we got called in after a single set of human remains was found and dated to the 14th century. The first thought any of us had was that we had found another mass grave left over from a town that had once stood here but had been wiped out. Then we discovered this," she held up a garnet pendant. "During this time period many noble houses vanished as well. This pendant bears the crest of Clan Rigney, which begs the question: what was an Irish lady doing here in France. We are hoping that once some of the artifacts are translated we will know this poor woman's story and like the Egyptian's believed grant her peace in the next life."

"You said Rigney, any relation?"

"Before my father's death he did work extremely hard to find out if we were descendants but, that I know of, there is no relation."

"Thank you."

The lights flipped back on and the teacher moved back to the front. "So what do you think?"

"It's fake." A girl behind me states.

"And why do you say that, Amber?"

"Because that woman could have had that necklace and planted in on the body to get a story. She just wanted the attention." Amber said snobbishly.

"And what about the other artifacts are they fake and the body, could it not match that of an Irish Lady?" The teacher asked raising her eyebrows.

The boy next to me Jake raised his hand. "I think that the Lady was young and had been sent to France to marry, maybe before the plague struck but was killed before the marriage could happen. Or maybe she was te daughter of a Rigney bride." He turned and smiled at me. My stomach did little flips as I smiled back.

"Could be, now the bell will ring soon but we will keep an eye on this for the last few days of school since most of you have finished your final projects." The bell rang. "Have a nice weekend!" My teacher yelled as most of the class ran for the door.

I stood and packed up my notes and things. "Hey, Sarah," Jake said.

"Yeah," I looked up right into his green eyes.

"That was your aunt, right? She's amazing."

"Yeah that's my aunt Eliza and she is something."

He was quiet for a minute as I looked down to pick up my bag. As I stood up and started to leave he followed me. "I was thinking, I haven't finished my project yet, would you like to help me? We could meet at the Library, maybe get some coffee after?"

"Sure." I couldn't believe he had just asked me to help him. Jake Walsh was one of the smartest and cutest guys in school and I'd had a crush on him sinceā€¦since forever.

"Here let me get your number so I can call you and we can meet up at the library."

We both lean over his phone as I dictate my number to him. He looked up and smiled at one point and I smiled back blushing slightly. I straightened up and brushed some hair back behind my ears. "I should go, my ride's probably wondering where I am. Talk to you later."

I waved slightly and ran off. My heart was pounding when I reached Mikayla's truck. She and Sylvia were sitting on the back tail gate watching traffic go by and checking out some of the hot guys that were probably going to some kind of practice. I hoisted myself into the truck bed and came up to sit with them. I smiled like an idiot when I caught sight of Jake and his friends walking to his car. Sylvia rolled her eyes and elbowed me in the gut.

"Ask him out already." She complained.

"I don't need to. He asked me to help him with a project this weekend and then to get coffee afterwards. So ha." I said elbowing her back. "Let's go, I need to get home and talk to my mom before Eliza shows up."