The Strange Man

It was a sunny day in the City.

When he appeared it was always sunny.

He would only ever be seen on his side of the street. No-one else ever went on that side of the street.

Once, many years ago, a man was dared to do it – he was challenged to actually cross that road. With great caution and twanging nerves the man stepped onto the road. He never saw the "vehicle" that hit him. People to this day talk of the speed with which it moved and very strange way it seemed to hug the road. By some miracle the man wasn't killed, but he never repeated the attempt and never spoke of his actions that day.

That was then.

Every so many weeks he would appear from seemingly nowhere, striding down the road with an exaggerated swagger, moving to some unheard beat, dressed like a forgotten yet flamboyant bearded jazzman. His impossible smile showed gold teeth that glinted in the sun.

People wouldn't acknowledge him but they all knew he was there.

All of a sudden he would stop and point at someone in the crowd and in his deep bass voice say "It's you" or "You the man" or simply "You" and they became an instant celebrity – they had been graced by his attention.

Anyone who went there seeking his favour never got it. Those who were over confidant or arrogant in any way went without. The nastier elements of society were never even graced with a glance.

He didn't always single someone out. Many times he had been witnessed to stride down his strangely immaculate walkway and favour no-one.

Legends and myth surround him. It was said that once he 'chose' two people in one day and that they rose to become leaders of the land. It was said that one day he might select three people. One day.

No one knew who he was, where he came from, or even why he did what he did. Certainly they had no idea why his favour was so sought after. They just knew he was INCREDIBLY important and wise.

Strangely, they never ever witnessed where he went either. He just turned the corner at the end of the road and seemingly vanished.

It had been this way for over 300 years.