"But I don't want to go." I said.

"Yes you do. You just don't want to go to the beach." Said Emma.

"You'll have fun," Jessie started.

"Think about it, the four of us hanging out in Malibu, California together. No one would be telling us what to do." Ryan said smiling and staring into my eyes. Ugh I can't help it.

"Maybe let me think about it. And Em your right I don't want to go to the beach." I say looking at Emma.

"Why wouldn't you want to go to the beach?" asked Ryan.

"I can answer that." Said Jessie. "She gets burnt really easily and she hates swimming…in the ocean."

"Wow Jess, how do you know that? I've never told you." I said a bit creeped out.

"I don't know, I'm just guessing." Said Jessie.

"Getting pass that. So will you come? Please!" Ryan asked me. Well if Ryan's asking me and practically begging me to… then I guess I have to. I've had a crush on him ever since the 3rd grade.

"Fine, but I'm not going to the beach." I say getting mad at myself for giving in so easily.

"Yay, now I will go help you pack lets go." Emma said pushing me out of the room. When we got to my room I got out my suitcase. "No, no, no you're going to need a bigger suitcase then that."

"No, I'm not bringing a lot of stuff. Anyway I don't have that much." I say somewhat annoyed.

"Um, well then we're buying you some stuff there because you obviously need more."

"God Emma, the only reason I'm going is to please Ryan. You should know that I've had a crush on him since the 3rd grade."

"Oh my god you like Ryan? I like Jess. And don't call me Emma." She said.

"Really? Okay, but like I said I'm not swimming."

"Bring a swimsuit just in case. Please, to please Ryan." She smirked.

"No, just deal with it okay?" God Emma, you're really annoying. I thought to myself.

"Fine, be that way." Then she left the room. I finished packing and went onto the living room. Everyone left. Thank God I can sleep, but first I have to tell my Mom that I decided to go on the trip to Malibu, California.

"Mom, where are you!" I yelled.

"In the kitchen." She yelled back.

"I decided that I am going on the trip." I told her once I had made my way to the kitchen.

"Oh good honey you need some vacation time. Did you pack remember your leaving tomorrow at noon."

"Yeah well I'm going to bed, night." I say walking out the kitchen, through the living room, down the long hallway, pass the bathroom, into my bedroom. I stripped down to my underclothes and fell asleep.

When I woke up the next morning at 11:00 it was to a loud knocking on my bedroom door.

"Alexandra Michelle Smith, Open the door right now!" A voice I recognized yelled.

"One second and don't call me that, I hate my name." Since I had only slept in my underwear and bra I got dressed really fast and opened the door. It was Emma, Jess and, Ryan.

"C'mon your name is perfect for you; now let's go we only have an hour to get to the airport if we want to be early. Then we have a 5 hour plane ride to Malibu." Said Jess.

"Did you pack a swimsuit just in case?" Ryan asked.

"Let me grab one." I sighed. Then walked into my room and grabbed my first bathing suit I saw. "Okay let's go, bye mom see ya in a few weeks." Walking out the door Emma pushed me into Ryan and I fell on top of him, my face filled with blood and my cheeks showed it.

"Sorry," I whispered. With our faces only 2 inches away from each other, I got up and brushed myself off.

"It's okay." Ryan said getting up also.

"I say right when we get there we should all learn to surf." Jess said leading us to Ryan's car.

"I already know how, but after that we go shopping." Emma said smiling.

"Who needs to learn when they already know how?" Ryan said.

"Um you guys, you're forgetting I hate oceans. It's not like I could surf in one." I said frowning that they practically forgot about me.

"I could teach you and I wouldn't let you fall in the water." Said Ryan, who was staring at me with his perfect green eyes.

"Only if I don't fall in." I said turning my frown into a smile.

"No promises." Ryan said taking that stare off of me then I gave his a playful shove that somehow ended with him on the ground again. But he grabbed my arm and pulled me down with him. Once again our lips 2 inches apart. When I was just about to lean in a kiss him Jessie interrupted.

"Okay, let's just go already." Jessie said turning red like he was angry.

"Calm down, Jess." I say rolling off of Ryan, he got up then helped me up.

"Yeah Jess, we have about 45 minutes and it's a 30 minute ride to the airport." Emma said.

"Can I sit in the front? I get car sick if I sit in the back." I say for 2 reasons. First, it's true. Second, Ryan's driving and I want to sit by him.

"I was going to but sure." Emma said knowing those 2 reasons.

"Thanks, I owe you one Em." I say smiling.

"You guy's ready to go?" Ryan asked. While we took are long ride to the airport we jammed out to the radio, being in the passenger seat I got to be in charge of it. So I turned on some random station and One Direction's new song 'That's What Makes You Beautiful' was on, my favorite song.

"How much longer until were there?" Jessie asked.

"About 5 minutes." Ryan told Jessie.

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