You say I was wrong

You say I messed up

What did I do?

I did nothing

I was always a target

I thought you were different

That maybe, just maybe

You wouldn't blame me

I know I have a tendency

To act brashly

I know I do

I know I mess up sometimes

But this time I did not

I swear on it

I was upset

He pissed me off

And who are you

To blame me

For what happened to him?

You didn't like him either

Why stand up for him?

Even he's not mad at me

So why are you?

What gives you the right

To make my life hell

Even though I did nothing

He brushed it off like it was nothing

I walked away with my head held high

So why are you the one hurting?

Why are you hurt I did what I did?

What did I do?

What was it that upset you?

Am I mistaken?

Were you just tired?

Are you really not mad at me?

But why did you ignore me?

When I called out to you?

Why did you deliberately avoid me?

You must be upset

I know it

But why?

Why are you mad at me?

I shouldn't get my hopes up

But I shouldn't let myself fall into despair

Thinking our friendship is over

I just have to wait

See what happens

Maybe one day I'll get answers

Because I honestly

Don't know what I did

And why you were angry