Short Story: 2/18/12


Prisma sat up and looked around the place. The windows were lined with golden stars. The wall was black and speckled with small silver stars. The floor was clear and it showed off the black abyss below where she was. She was alone.

"What to do," Prisma mumbled as she stood up and stretched. She walked around the room for a few minutes then sunk down against the wall till she hit the floor. She flinched at the contact of the clear floor. She looked down and grimaced. What if the floor wasn't here? What would happen if it shattered?

"Shattered..." Prisma said quietly. She looked around and sighed. There was absolutely nothing to do here. The only thing she could do was walk around, sit, and sleep. She had no need for the bathroom or food. Why? Because those needs just seemed to disappeared. She never craved for food or even to relieve her self.

She stood up and walked back to her bed. She laid down on her bed, hid herself under her covers and drifted back into sleep.

"-isma, please come back to us. You're too young to leave us!"

Prisma jumped up from her slumber and held her chest. The same voice, the same tone – the same nightmare. She wiped her forehead clean of the sweat and looked around. The same old place. She put her head in her one hand and thought for a while.

How long had she been here?

She got up and noticed something new in her room. A mirror. Curious, she slowly walked over keeping her eyes on it the whole time. When she got near it, she stopped and touched it. It didn't move or anything. She walked infront of it and was disgusted in what she saw.

Her face had slashes all across it. They were full of dirt, pebbles and blood. Her arms were mangled and her legs were speckled with spots of skin. She had muscle missing from her legs as well. He stomach had a long gash in it and was currently seeping blood. Her brown hair looked like someone took scissors to it and went wild. Her blue eyes had no life and were lined with dirt making them look red. She screamed and threw the mirror down.

Pieces of mirror scattered themselves all over the floor and she froze. She looked at herself and cried - She didn't look like her reflection. Her skin was all in place. No cuts, no blood, and no slashes. She held herself, plopped down on to the floor and continued to cry. Voices started to fly around her head.

"Prisma, we need you back."

"You've done so much for us, we'll try our best for you."

"You can't die yet."

She jumped up and screamed more. Was she going to die alone? No longer see anyone she knew... on second thought, who did she know? Who was she living for?

Prisma grabbed a fist full of hair and started pulling as hard as she could. Her body screamed for her to stop but she ignored it. She winched and tasted her tears as they rolled down her face. After agonizing pain, she finally let go and cried out more. She looked around the room and got pissed. She stood up and started hitting the wall.

"Just let me die! I have no one to live for! I'm alone – It has always been like this," Prisma screamed with her voice going hoarse. She looked around the room and noticed the glass. Picking up a few pieces, she ran to her bed and sat down. She placed the glass against her wrist and cut.

Blood trickled down the sides of her wrist and she winced. Her body started screaming again to stop but she ignored it this time. Pushing harder, she started to cut deeper causing herself more pain. Tears fell down her face once more and she screamed with her hoarse voice. She started to press harder when everything went black.

She woke up.

"Prisma? You're awake? Mommy, Daddy! Prisma is up!" shouted a young girls voice. Prisma blinked a few times, and looked up.

Where was she? She sat up slowly, looked around, and gasped. The black walls were no longer. The clear floor was no longer.

She had escaped.

Author's note:

I've had this hidden away in my folders and noticed it today! Also, just wanna say, I'm busy at the moment so updates on 'The Paranormal Side' are going to be delayed! (If you don't read TPS then this doesn't apply to you xD) Sorry! Just thought I'd upload this! Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this!