"Good morning Libby," Samantha said as she walked into the lobby of the office, quickly giving the room a look over. The soft, white chairs were lined up against the wall, the end tables that were placed between every few chairs, were cleaned and either held a neat stack of magazines, tissues, or a vase of flowers.

"Good morning," Libby quickly shut the magazine she had been flipping through and sat up a little straighter in her chair. Libby was a great friend, well, cousin really, but as a receptionist, she wasn't the best, to put it nicely. "Your parents are holding a meeting in the conference room, and you have an appointment at…" She paused and started typing furious on the computer.

"At ten, I remember." She smiled softly and then placed down the thick, manila folders she had been holding. "Can you enter this information in the system for me? In the completed cases section. Oh, and don't forget to scan the pictures this time."

Libby nodded, her dirty blond bangs falling over her eyes. "Are we still on for lunch?"

"Of course!" Samantha flashed her a smile, pulling open the heavy door a few feet away from the front desk. As she walked down the wide hallway, her heals clicked on the marble floor. When she reached the first door on the right, she pushed it open, walking into her modest size office.

Since she had some time to kill before her appointment, she grabbed the remote out of her desk drawer and turned on the small flat screen that hung on the wall. Might as well kill some time with some bad morning TV. She flipped through the channels, finally pausing at one that caught her eye, The Millionaire Matchmaker. Sighing out loud, she let herself watch for a few moments before she was so angry at it she just had to change the channel. It wasn't that she had something against Patty herself, she was against all the over exposed matchmaking shows.

The reason for that was matchmaking wasn't only her career, it was in her blood. She was Samantha Eros, great, great, great, great, great, etc, granddaughter of Cupid. Yes, the Cupid. The guy that walked around nearly naked, holding a bow and arrow (though it was a huge family debate if he really shot them or not), making people fall in love. So it was obvious if anyone was able to make two people end up together, it would be Samantha.

Things have really evolved since the time that the original Cupid was the main expert on love. The Eros family had owned the family business, a matchmaking service, of course, named 'Cupid's Arrow'. It was the most reputable matchmaking business in the world, even if it wasn't highly publicized. The majority of the clients knew of the place from word of mouth, references, but there were the few that stumbled upon the place on their own.

There were two different types of cliental that came in, first there were the women that knew they were ready for love, but had a hard time finding Mr. Right. With those cases, Samantha would first have to find the right guy, then once she was sure they were a great match, the perfect match, she would help them fall in love. The other type when a woman already had Mr. Right in mind, she just needs a little help moving things along with him. Even though the guy is already "picked out", Samantha found this type to be the harder of the two. If the guy had zero interest in the girl, Samantha couldn't work her magic on him, so to speak. It was against the rules. Which was why she hated when the unrequited love cases would stream in from time to time, she had to turn them down right away.

It wasn't like Samantha was magical, she didn't cast a spell on men, she just had the ability to make a guy see what was right in front of him, when he may not have been able to on his own. It was a very fulfilling feeling, seeing a couple get together, and stay together, unlike all these Bachelor shows, however, it wasn't always fun and games. When a woman has a man in mind that she thought was meant for her, she didn't always take it very well when Samantha told her otherwise. Not to mention the fact Samantha could never use her ability for herself, another one of those damn rules. It wasn't that she needed help landing a man, there have just been many moments where she was tempted, especially with her last break up. They had been together for a while and she thought, everyone though, they would get married.

Her phone rang, causing her to jump slightly in her seat. She looked down at the phone, seeing the red button flashing next to the front desk button. "Yes Libby?" She asked, picking it up.

"Your ten o'clock is here, is it okay to show her to your office?"

"Did you collect all the information?" She glanced at her screen which showed no new memos from Libby.

"I did, but I didn't enter it in the computer," she said quietly.

Samantha tried not to sigh, she was really going to have to talk with Libby about these things. It didn't bother her so much, but she knew her dad would get on Libby's case. "Okay, show her in and bring her file with you so I can scan over it while we talk."

There was light knocking on the door not even a minute later and Samantha stood up, smoothing out her black pencil skirt. "Come on in!"

The door opened and Libby gave her a small smile, then gestured to the woman next to her to enter. This was Samantha's favorite part, she loved first impressions. The woman walked in and Samantha couldn't help but wonder why she would need help. She knew not to judge too quickly, some of the most beautiful women had the worse personalities. But still, as Samantha glanced her over, taking in her light brown hair that fell to her shoulders, every strand in place. Her perfectly plucked eyebrows hung over big, doe like brown eyes, a super straight smile, probably thanks to wearing braces when she was younger.

"Hi! I'm Taylor, Taylor Miller," she said, making her way into the office.

"I'm Samantha, it's so nice to meet you Taylor," Sam walked up to her, extending her hand. "Please, have a seat," she added in after they shook hands. She took the file from Libby's hand before she shut the door. "So what brings you here today?" She sat back down behind the desk.

"I met this incredible man a while back, and we became friends, which is great, but I must admit I was hoping at some point it would go to that next level. Only it hasn't."

"Is there any reason for that? That you know of, I mean."

Taylor let out a light laugh, picking at her chipped nail polish. "I'm not sure, but I think maybe he is hung up on his ex still. He swears he isn't but…"

Samantha nodded, offering a bright smile to try to cheer her up. "Well, I'm sure I will be able to help."

"How does it work exactly? I've never done anything like this before." If Samantha had a penny for every time a client had said that to her, she'd be extremely wealthy.

"I'll have to spend time with the two of you, not only to see you two together, but to get to know each of you as well. I will admit I don't start right away, I have to see your natural chemistry but then, if I feel you two should be together, I'll help light a fire under his feet."

"Well aren't you a little cupid," Taylor laughed, her dark eyes sparkling, then suddenly her smile dropped. "What happens if you don't feel that way?"

"In that case," Samantha leaned forward in her chair, clasping her hands together, "we move on, and we find you someone even better."

"How do you watch us? Are you in your car parking in the street or something?"

Sam laughed at the mental image of her trying to hide behind some bushes with a pair of binoculars. "No, nothing like that. I have to spend time with you both, so you'd introduce me as an old friend or family member coming in from out of town, or something similar to that, and I'll spend time with you both. I even stayed at a few clients homes before."

"We were planning to go to my parent's vacation home at the beach for a few weeks, would you be able to come? It would be perfect!" She squealed, excitedly. "It's only about three hours away and I'll pay anything."

Samantha paused to think it all over, twirling her long, light blond hair around her finger. This was turning out to be a big case and that was exactly what she needed. She had to prove to her parents, mainly her father, that she would be ready one day to run this place herself. Before she was born, it had mostly been men who were the heir to the business and since she was the only child, she knew it was hers, plain and simple. If she could prove she could do it that is. Three hours wasn't too far, she could always slip away for the day if she was needed here, plus spending that time at the beach, while working, seemed almost too good to be true. She needed to work on her tan.

"Yes, I'll do it." She told Taylor, who was grinning ear to ear.

"Thank you so much!"

"Just one more thing we end this, tell me about this guy." This was also another favorite part of hers.

"He's so good looking, it's almost unreal, but he's more than that, he's kind and sweet, real loving. And the way he looks at me…"

Samantha laughed as she opened the file to scan it over quickly before she ended the meeting. There was a section about the man in question they had everyone fill out, and she looked over the facts. When she got to his name, she felt her heart stop, knocking the breath out of her. Derek Jones. Derek Jones? She noticed a paper clip attached to the page and was never more grateful that they asked clients to bring in a picture of guy, if they had one. She slipped the paper clip off, pulling the picture out from behind and instantly felt dizzy as she looked down at the familiar face- his jet black hair, intense dark blue eyes, the dimples next to that amazing smile. She felt the color drain from her face as she realized she had just agreed to set this girl up with the man she still wanted.

"Samantha? Is something wrong?" Taylor asked, obviously noting how pale Samantha had become.

"I…yes." Sam looked up at Taylor, seeing her in a whole new light. She was suddenly not only her client, she was the competition. "I'll be at your house the day we are set to leave, before he gets there so we can go over all the details." She was surprised at how steady and calm her voice was considering she was having a major melt down inside.

"Great, I'll see you then," Taylor smiled at her again, before she practically skipped out of the room.

Tears filled her eyes, blurring her vision, and she tried to blink them away. What was she going to do? She had to take this case, not just because she needed to prove herself, but she needed to be there to wittiness herself how he was around Taylor. She knew he'd be caught off guard, finding his ex and Taylor were friends, which could effect how he acted, but she didn't care. And she hated herself for this, but a thought entered her mind that she couldn't get rid of. What if she purposely threw the case? Even if the evidence she saw said otherwise, she could claim he wasn't her match.

Not only was it against the rules to do that, but that was a bad one to break. To mess with true love, if it was true love, was one of the worse things you could do. She knew if she did that and anyone found out, she could lose her job. However, looking down at the picture of Derek, she was suddenly unsure of which would be worse to lose.