She watches you under the cruel moon

with its cruel slender hands snakelike

reaching reaching reaching for you turning

changing transforming you

(into a monster).

She does not like this monster that you are, this

monster that you become. You know

she does not like your monster and that is why

it is what you try to be.

That is why on the other nights when the

grip of the moon, the pull of the moon is not

quite strong enough, you transform all the same.

(Not physically, no, but it is why you k.i.s.s her

so ferociously that she is left (gasp)ing for air

and it is why you are the one to tell her that a i r

is an i.l.l.u.s.i.o.n. It is why you -bite-





on her flesh (feeling) the metallic taste in your mouth as

the blood f-l-o-w-s to the b.e.a.t of your hearts. It is why

you suffocate her like the moon suffocates you.)

You show her your monster even though she

does not like it because it is what you are.

She says her PMS lasts longer than that one night and

she doesn't let it control her life. (You say- darling, the world

doesn't let you, either.) You force her to

be with you because she loves you and you

love her too but love is a weakness and she must be

p.u.n.i.s.h.e.d for it. (You say- come on, darling, let's

run together) and the s*p*a*r*k in her eyes dulls and

she grits her t.e.e.t.h and she snarls and you are

corrupting tormenting torturing her but she becomes

a monster and you like it. You know that she is

not like you and she is still human but it is

as (monsters) that you run, under the

cruel moon with its slender hands snakelike

reaching reaching reaching for b.o.t.h of you.

A/N: I don't know what's wrong with me. I love freeverse but I just can't get the hang of writing it, y'know? So, yes, I screwed up this attempt.

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