Heya! This is the prologue of an original trilogy I'm writing, called The Oracles of Avalbane. This is going to be an interesting story, so I decided to type up my first attempt at a prologue and post it here! Hope you like it! Tell me what you think!

In the beginning of time, the world that we know was a quiet and dark place. An eerie landscape of nothing, a lifeless earth. There was nothing to show for the millennia in which it had been in existence. It had no purpose. It had no meaning. And so it remained for what seemed to be an eternity. An age of darkness, an age of pure silence.

Then, from nowhere, four goddesses descended from the heavens and swept across the cold, still place, blessing it with their divine powers and tainting it with their souls.

Firstly, Bidelia, the goddess of Earth, glided down and caressed the dead, cold rock and created soil. She sowed seeds in this rich earth and willed them to grow, stretching to the sky. She filled the jagged crevices and canyons, creating lakes and rivers and the mighty ocean, and formed clouds in the sky so the water would always return to the earth and quench its thirst. She created creatures of all shapes and sizes to inhabit the new world, and she sent them to their special places, throughout both the lands and waters. She created man, to tend to the earth and the creatures she created. Lastly, she created the Sun and the Moon, two heavenly beings that would shed light on her new earth for the rest of eternity.

Next, Davina, the quiet and serene goddess of Mind, blessed the souls of all the creatures, giving each a mind of its own and a purpose for it to fill. Lions became the hunter, elk became the hunted, and the race of Man was to rule over them all. She blessed Man with intelligence, the power to think for themselves, and with the gift of intelligence she also cursed them with a conscience, so they would always remember the difference between right and wrong.

Eithne, goddess of Time, touched the earth with her hand, her heartbeat becoming one with its center. Time began to flow! The sun rose and in its place the moon shined on the sleeping world below. Plants and creatures alike began to age, but with every lost life, a new one was created. A balance between the old and the new was formed.

Catriona, goddess of Destiny, came last. She blessed the earth with both a gift and a curse: Destiny. She gave each and every living thing on the earth a path for it to follow, whether it be good or bad. She knew the end purpose of everything in existence, and though it may not be the happiest or the most fulfilling, it was the path they must take in order to withhold chaos.

Before the goddesses returned to the heavens, they presented their creation with one more gift: The Oracles. These four servants, derived from the race of man, would act as their messengers, mortal incarnations of their powers. Knowing that they would never be able to physically return to their precious earth, they created the Oracles so that if the world needed their aid, not all would be lost. The Oracles were their servants, their messengers, their handmaidens, their warriors.

Their work done, the goddesses returned to the heavens, never to again touch the earth.

The Oracles did their duty, and for millennia, the earth saw peace.

Then, without warning, an evil man called Lord Cerberus, decided to attack.

A man born with evil in his heart, Lord Cerberus wanted nothing other than to see the world in a state of decay. A famous warlord, death and destruction were the things he lived for. The thing he longed to see most was the fruits of the goddess' labors be brought down to nothing.

The Oracles saw the danger, knew what had to be done. This was not a time to reason with the madman, he had to be stopped. They confronted Cerberus, and, using the divine powers they were blessed with, they eventually destroyed him. However, doing so came at a great and terrible price. Destroying Cerberus cost the four of them their powers, their minds...and their lives.

The Oracles' success was celebrated, but their deaths were mourned. As tradition went, the Oracles were to be born again one day, but the exact time unknown. And so the world waited with anticipation for the four Oracles to be reborn once again...

...Little did they know they'd have to wait a thousand years...

So? What do you all think? I'm just afraid it sounds too much like a mix between the prologues of Avatar: Last Airbender and Ocarina of Time…XD Anyway, I might post more of this story…I might even get into the actual plot, who knows?