The war was getting worse. Even some of the witches were choosing sides. Vampires or shifters, in all honesty, Shadow didn't want to be in the middle of a war. His father, on the other hand, wished for Shadow to join the war. He thought that since Shadow was of age, that he should help his people. But Shadow, who was only fifteen at the time, believed that he didn't to be in the war. He believed that fighting wasn't the right thing to do. Shadow told his father of this. His father did not atone for it. He told Shadow that this was only a faze, and that he would want to be in the war one day. And he was right.

Shadow is now seventeen, and he changed quite a bit since he was fifteen. He had seen the battle field and he loved it. His father was so proud. Shadow had slain many vampires, and saved many lives of his comrades. He was respected by all who knew him. He was great inspiration to all of the younger shifters who weren't old enough. Shadow was very powerful. Since each shifter would only choose three shifts, he chose his carefully. Lion, owl, and wolf. He was even gifted with the right to choose his shifts at an early age.

He was not getting back from a battle. The shifters killed the vampires without easily, without mercy. It was obvious that the shifters were winning. He was on his way to his home to tell his father about the battle, and he walked by a few of his friends who noticed him.

"Oi! Shadow! Want to travel with us to find rogue vamps?" Jeremy asked, grabbing Shadow's attention.

Shadow strolled over, a smile on his face. "Sure. Where are we going?" he asked.

"We had a few spies in Criscoe City. They spotted a few vermin. That's where we'll start." Steven said.

"Who is leading?" Shadow asked.

"I am." Steven replied.

Shadow nodded. "Who all is coming?"

It was Katrina who answered this time. "Steven, Jeremy, Sara, Alex, me, and now you." she said.

"That's great!" Shadow smiled at Katrina. Her parents had already approved of him, and he already likes her.

Katrina blushed a bit; smiling back.

"Good. Now all of you go tell your parents, so they won't freak out," Steven said, already going of into the direction of his home. "And meet back here. Bring provisions, and stuff you will need. We will be gone for a few days."

Everyone agreed and walked off into different directions. Feeling excited, Shadow shifted into a large black wolf and raced home. Before walking in he formed back into his normal self. Luckily, shifters clothes shift with their body. He went straight to his father's office, knowing he would be in there at this time, probably working on war plans.

"Hey, dad!" Shadow greeted.

"Hey, my boy! You seem a bit more excited than usual." his father commented with a smile. "Did you finally hit it off with that Katrina girl?"

Shadow rolled his eyes playfully. "No, dad. A search party was made to look for rogue vampires," he explained. "They asked if I could go."

His father beamed. "Then what are you waiting for! Go on!" his father said, making shooing gestures with his hands.

Shadow ran out of his father's office and into his room with a smile on his lips. He grabbed his pack and placed a wooden knife, five stakes, some normal iron knives (since shifters were allergic to silver), and a few pairs of clothes. Shadow also packed some food and water, but they could hunt when in their shifts.

He tied his pack around his neck loosely, transformed into a wolf again, and ran to the place Steven told them to meet. Everyone was there except for Steven. "Oi! Where is Steven?" Shadow asked once he formed into his human shift.

"He couldn't come. His father is ill. He told me to make you the new leader of this search party," Jeremy explained.

Shadow seemed to straighten up. "I will do my best," he said. Jeremy smiled softly, and patted Shadow's shoulder. Then he transformed into his favorite shift; the wolf. Everyone else formed into their personally favorite shifts and ran, ready to kill some vampires.