The watcher

The sun glistened off the water, making it sparkle like a thousand diamonds. The wind whispered through the trees, tauntingly displaying its secrets to the world. The green grass danced in excitement as it listened in awe to the trees stories.

Though the forest looked beautiful and calm to all passerbies; the birds did not sing merrily to one another. The critters did not scurry about to socialize.

An eerie silence had settled on this most beautiful of forests, and at the heart of that silence was the young lady that sat by the sparkling pond.

The chocolate brown hair that cascaded from her ponytail in loose ringlets was a great contrast to her almost luminescent skin.

Her always smiling lips were pulled down in one of the few frowns that had ever disgraced her features.

It was her eyes; however, that truly expressed her sadness.

The lights that usually shone there in the depths of her hazel pools were extinguished

Her eyes reflected the truth.

She was empty and lifeless; containing no joy and no reason to keep living.

The watcher had lost the soul she had sworn to protect.

Angsley's POV

I stood in a hall made of pure white marble, having a stare off with seven different men, if you could call them men.

Wings protruded from their backs, rustling every few minutes, and bright white auras lit the air around each of them.

"Angsley, do you know who I am?" asked the blonde hair, blue eyed man that stood at the front of the group.

"No , sir. Nor do I know where I am or why I am here." I replied as politely as I could in such an odd situation.

"Well, for starters, I am Michael, Head Arch Angel of the council."

"Then that would mean the others are Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Sealtiel, Jegudiel, and Barachiel, the other six Arch Angels that make up the Arch Angel council." I recited, remembering what my father had taught me about our religion.

"Yes my dear, but how on earth did you know that?" he asked, slightly exasperated.

"My father taught me about the Arch Angel council, when I decided what I believed in." I stated simply, my gaze never straying from him.

"What do you mean when you say "decided what I believed in?" he asked, an amused expression gracing his features.

"In my family each person is left to choose what they believe. You are not required to believe as the rest of the family does."

"Are you saying that you could be a Satanist and your family would not mind? I find that absolutely disgraceful! How dare your family not care," Raphael began, anger burning in his brown eyes.

"Do not insult my family, sir. I find it rude to insult the dead, especially before someone who was close to the deceased." I stated, ending his rant quickly.

"No my family would not have been okay if I had become a Satanist. There are rules when it comes to choosing your religion, no matter how few they may be. The major rule is no matter what religion you choose , it must follow God and believe that he is the almighty."

"Very impressive, most people, even other angels, back down before Raphael and his anger. I have never seen anyone stand up to him, other than myself and the other Arch Angels, with that much courage. A wonderful quality to have in a Watcher, don't you think?" Michael complimented, turning to the others to see their opinions.

All but Raphael and Jegudiel agreed.

" Why do you disagree brothers?"

"Courage is not a fleeting character. Most humans have that trait; it's not something I find special, or impressive." Raphael replied, his cruel eyes never leaving my face.

"I see. And you Jegudiel?"

"I do not see her stepping out against Raphael as courage. I believe that it was rude and she needs to learn her place before I would ever consider her to be courageous."

"I see," Michael replied sadly, turning back to face me.

"What is a Watcher? And may I ask why I am here?" I questioned, my voice ringing through the marble hall.

"I'm sorry dearest Angsley. I had forgotten that you do not know what we are speaking of." Michael said, shaking his head.

"A Watcher is a human that is chosen by the Arch Angel council to protect a soul from the demons. You see demons are now beginning to plague the earth and they are stealing souls when they get there. You would know them as Soul Snatchers, I believe." He told me, watching for my reaction.

It was true, I did know of the Soul Snatchers. They had taken my parents from me when I was eleven and my sister five years later.

"Yes, I am all too aware of the Soul Snatchers, but I don't understand how a Watcher is to protect a Soul. I was under the impression that they chose their victims randomly. Not to mention the fact that when they do steal a soul it is completely silent and even if you're in the same room, you don't realize what's going on until that Soul's body hits the floor." I replied exasperated.

I had seen what these awful creatures could do and now they were trying to tell me that it could be stopped.

"We were under the impression that their selection was at random too. Until recently that is. We noticed that every soul that had been stolen by the Soul Snatchers had a gift, or special ability if you will." Michael explained, trying to calm me.

"You mean like a special power?" I asked.

"Yes and no. You see there are certain souls that have an ability unique to them. Their ability generally relates back to their personality, but these abilities are not accessible when the soul is confined to a shell of any kind. Only when the soul is in its natural state can it use those abilities. Do you understand, Angsley?"

"Yes, but not quite. I understand the whole process and everything, but not what you mean when you say "abilities"." I replied, giving him a curious look.

"Well, how about her abilities, Michael? You have to tell her what they are before she may leave. Why not now ?" Gabriel chimed, smiling gently at me.

"Thank you, Gabriel." Michael said, nodding his head to the dark haired angel.

"Angsley, you have some of these abilities. You my dear have quite a few actually." Michael chuckled.

"Angsley, what would you say your best trait is?" Gabriel asked, gracefully walking forward to stand in front of me.

From here, I could see that his eyes were a light golden brown color that made you want to trust him, but I knew better. I didn't know him, and he couldn't be trusted until I did.

I quietly stepped back to put more space between us.

" I would say my ability to hide my emotions to protect those that I love." I replied, never breaking eye contact with him.

"That is one of them, yes. You portray the ice element. You hide your emotions extremely well, and nobody can break down the wall you have built without your permission. You are very wise, especially for your age, and you love to learn. You are a calm level headed girl." He smiled.

"That's wonderful, but what about all my flaws?" I asked, tempted to roll my eyes.

"You are a stubborn person who will not back down once they have their mind set on something. You come off as cold, and mean hearted when you refuse to let people in. You are easily angered and aren't afraid to speak your mind when your temper flares up. Is that what you wanted to hear?" Raphael asked.

"Yes, that is exactly what I was talking about." I replied, glaring at the angel.