"Sire!" Ocelot grumbled, wondering who had the audacity to awaken him so abruptly, especially after his change.

Aideen's blood lingered on his tongue. He groaned in appreciation and hunger. He needed another taste.

"Please, sire. It's urgent." Again, the moron insisted he open his eyes, which he did. Black and red orbs flashed dangerously at the intruder. It was one of his trusted guards.

"What is it?" Ocelot's voice was rough and booming.

"They are all gone." The soldier replied, fearful of Ocelot's rage.

"Who is gone, Fredrik? Who?" he seethed, growing angrier by the second.

"The prisoners." Fredrik informed him. "And most of the guards were killed."

"Ah, let them go." Ocelot laughed. "I knew it was going to happen sooner or later. I have my prized possession. Besides, it won't take much to retrieve every single one of them again."

"Yes, sire." Fredrik bowed.

"Where is she anyway?" Ocelot questioned, a brow raised.

"Aideen should be asleep in her room, my king. Auron hasn't left her door." Fredrik explained and stepped out of the room, shutting the door gently.

Ocelot grinned. "Well, then, I think I will pay her a little visit. I need her beneath me, crying out praises as I fuck her senseless."

Auron stood outside of Aideen's locked door. Last night had been fun. She was very delectable.

The poor thing really didn't realize the power she held within her. She surely wielded something over him.

Auron's erection was already straining against his trousers. It was definitely his turn to fill her with his cock that day. As soon as she wakes, she is in for a big surprise. He thought to himself with a chuckle.

"Auron," Ocelot interrupted him from his wicked plans.

"Yes, sire?"

"How is our lovely flower fairing today? Is she awake?"

Auron smirked. "Still sleeping like a baby. I think we wore her out."

Ocelot laughed. "The fun isn't over, not by far."

"Want me to get her prepared?"

"No, let's just go in and get started." Ocelot stated and opened the door. "The sooner we break her, the better."

"Oh, princess?" Auron whispered and moved the sheets aside.

"Where is she?" Ocelot yelled. He grabbed the front of Auron's shirt. "Did you fall asleep? How did she get out of this room?"

Auron eluded Ocelot's grip and started searching every nook and cranny for her. "Sire, I was guarding this door the whole time. No one came in and no one stepped out."

Ocelot growled. "I do not sense her in this castle anywhere. What the hell is going on? I smell a rat."

"What about our connection with her? Does it work?" Auron suggested, pointing at his head.

Ocelot's frown lifted into a sly grin. Aideen, where are you, my beautiful jewel?

Wouldn't you like to know? She mentally projected back.

Auron could hear them both. Princess, you know we will find you. And when we do, you are in big trouble.

Ocelot and Auron listened to her soft laugh. I know who I am now, Ocelot, and I know how to take you down.

You will come to me, Aideen. Ocelot hissed and clenched his fists in anger.

You think the Shadow's are in control of me, Ocelot? You are mistaken. She told them.

What have you done, baby? Auron asked her.

A roar interrupted their link. It was Draven.

Get the fuck out my mate's mind. Both of you. Let me ask you something, Ocelot, why just take her blood? Why didn't you bind her to you? I mean, can you not sense it? I have marked her. She is and will always be mine. You'll never have her again.

Ocelot was outraged. No matter, Beast will soon be released as I wage war on your land, Draven. And you, Aideen. Are you ready to deal with the guilt of all the deaths of your friends, your mate?

Auron and Ocelot felt her fear and smiled. All will be forgiven and forgotten, if you come back to me.

Never! And the name is Avani. She cried out.

Ocelot sneered. So you do know who you are. No matter, Avani, you have ordered their death sentence. Their blood will be on your hands. Draven, enjoy her while you have the chance because, when I come for her, I will corrupt her and no one will stop me.

He broke the bond before Draven could retort. "Auron, get the troops prepared. I am going to go wake Beast. When they least expect it, we will take all who Draven holds dear. He will beg for death when I am through with him."

"And what of Aid, I mean, Avani?" Auron asked, yearning to satisfy his hunger of her. "What are we going to do with her? She is already marked by that disgusting hybrid scum."

"Her and all of her pretty friends are going to be in for a rude awakening." Ocelot laughed wildly. "I will blacken their hearts."


Ocelot peered into Auron's eyes, his fang overlapping his bottom lip. "Their souls will be sacrificed to the Shadow's. And they will be our puppets, our play things."

"As long as I get to fuck that little bitch, I'm good." Auron declared with a chuckle.

"You will get to do whatever you want to her and more." Ocelot said, his smile widening.

Auron growled in approval. "Excellent. I am going to shove my cock inside her core so hard, it will knock her unconscious." He stepped out of the room, slamming the door after.

"You might have won the battle, Draven," Ocelot seethed. "But I will win this war. She is mine and I will get her back. Even if I have to tear this world apart to find her, I will."

Ocelot stormed from the room and through the hallways. Everything he bumped into, he destroyed. Many doors were split into thousands of pieces, laying along the floors as basically large splinters.

Everyone he came in contact with was being hollered at. He yelled at each of them to clean the mess, that he so graciously left, and to get out of his way. Some he shoved, tossed, or just plain knocked them out in one punch.

All furniture in the countless rooms he raced through were thrown about, the cushions shredded. He could care less, though. He was enraged and no one or thing in the castle was excluded from his wrath.

Finally he reached his destination. Darkness swallowed the room in a void so deep, even nocturnal creatures would have difficulty finding their way.

Ocelot lit a few torches along the walls. Chains rattled and clanked across the floor. In this certain room, some thing was being held captive and restrained.

The creature let out a hiss, growling ferociously, awaiting impatiently for its dinner. The beast was massive. Globs of stringy saliva dripped from its jagged teeth and large jaws. Its eyes held the appearance of a snake, with slit pupils in the center, and contained nothing but complete fierceness.

The body and wings of it was the exact replica of a gargoyle. Its height was longer, at about twenty feet high. The dragon-like head of the beast was the most frightening part. It had thick, long quills shooting out everywhere, much like a porcupine.

The talons on its back and front paws were stained with blood, as well as its teeth. Its breath was putrid, rotten, and absolutely foul.

Once it caught sight of Ocelot, it kneeled. Ocelot reached out to touch its head. The creature nudged his hand gently and he pet the spikes carefully. It seemed the thing respected its anonymous guest.

Its left wing, coated in sticky fur, bumped Ocelot's shoulder, almost knocking him down. He chuckled at the creatures playfulness.

"Don't worry, my friend. Dinner will be very filling soon." A huff blew out of its mouth, indicating the appreciation it felt.

"We need to train the troops first." Ocelot told it. "Then we will hunt down all those who have opposed me." His eyes glowed with hegemony. "I will have her. She will be mine."

Ocelot's laugh echoed throughout the whole castle. The sound of it was crazy, demented. Scary to any and everyone who heard it.

All who resided in the castle knew it was only a matter of time before all hell would eventually break loose. And, when it did, blood would spill.

Well, readers and fans, that is the end of Book 2. The third book is very gruesome and you will meet more characters. There will be some minor character deaths. So, be prepared. See you soon. 3