Author's Note: I found this in my closet. Attached to the cover was a note. Unfortunately, the note was in a strange language I'm unable to understand. The journal turned out to be in a simple substitution code (most of it, at least. The parts that weren't I have written in capitals). The note, however, is truly in a different language. I just hope it isn't too important…

December 21st, 2044

The darkest day of the year is the darkest day of my life. Fitting, isn't it?

I have to get rid of the miners that have invaded Mount Gem. It'd be an easy matter if the Shape Wishers hadn't nabbed my Wishing Crystal a few days ago. I've had to hide in my cavern ever since. I'll bet they're in possession of every Wishing Crystal on the mountain. Not that there's that many.

I've already lost my parents. Am I to lose my home, too?

If you have a problem, state the problem, then the facts. The facts will help you solve the problem. The last, precious, piece of advice from my parents.

The problem: My home is in danger from miners.

The facts: I'm only sixteen. My parents are dead, and they have been for six years, so they can't help me. The miners are all in their thirties, at least the best I can tell. There's only one of me, and a dozen or so of them. I can't use a Wishing Crystal to wish them away, because I don't have a Wishing Crystal. You know what else I don't have? Time for this!

Never mind. I'll talk later. Or maybe I won't…

Later…Much later

I'm beginning to figure it out now. My parents named me Crystal for more than my skills with the gems. As the miners cut deeper into the mountain, they cut deeper into my strength…in fact, deeper into my life. I have to strike now, or not at all. But I've gone over every cave I know of, and still haven't found a Wishing Crystal. Actually, I haven't found any Healing Gems either. All that's left is a few small Food Stones. I think I'm right. I think the Shape Wishers have taken all the Wishing Crystals…and the Healing Gems…and the Food Stones. I can't help but think of all the terrible things they could be planning.

Thinking but never knowing. That's what my life is now.