McIntosh 3

December 24th, 2044

All right, I'm writing in this, so clearly, I'm alive. I still can't believe I am though…and in fact, I might not be.

I manage to follow the buzzing in my head without any major injuries. It gets louder and louder as I got closer and closer to the Shape Wishers' cave, and I soon give up any hope of avoiding an encounter with them. However, a tugging also leads me to collect several small, black stones along the way. These little black stones are all over the mountain, but only a few attract me.

Soon my bag is full of gems and stones and I'm standing at the entrance of the Shape Wishers' cave. It can't be this easy! I think. I was right.

As soon as I set foot in the cave, Shape Wishers swarm around me. I look around and groan. The ground around me is considerably more barren and lifeless. Of course, I think, there could never be that many animals around here. Or even that much vegetation. Before I could even touch my Wishing Crystal, I'm bound and tied. The last thing I see is the biggest Healing Gem I have ever seen. Unfortunately, it's going straight toward my head. Did you know that the 'Healing' part of the Healing Gem only works if you just tap the injured part? Because a hard blow hurts. Badly.

When I wake up my vision is fuzzy. As it slowly clears, the scene before me comes into focus: twenty Shape Wishers or so, talking in their language of serpentine hisses. No surprise there. But in the middle, talking to them is another human!

The human turns to me. "So you're awake. Tell me why you tried to invade us," he snarls in a raspy voice not unlike that of the other Shape Wishers. "If you're good, we might let you go…or not." One of the Shape Wishers behind him smirks and tosses a bone behind him.

My mind races. Clearly, this human is a transformed Shape Wisher. "Please lie. We haven't had had human flesh since those foolish humans stumbled into the cave six years ago. They were delicious. Covered with grime from the avalanche, but still good." The voice of the human/Shape Wisher snaps me out of my train of thought, only to leap into a new one…this one bringing an astonishing truth.

My head is still fuzzy from the blow. The rush of hatred doesn't help any. But I know that without a good reason for being here, I won't last any longer than my parents did. "I came here because I know how to get rid of the miners!" My voice rings throughout the cavern.

The Shape Wishers stare at me. "Get…rid of them?"

"Yes. The secret is a special stone. It's rainbow-colored like a Wishing Crystal, diamond-shaped like a Healing Gem, and as cool as a Food Crystal. And I have no idea how to use it."

The Shape Wishers stare at me in astonishment, but I know this is right. The human-Shape Wisher hisses at another of its kind, and it skitters away. When it comes back, my dream crystal is held in its claws. It hands the crystal to me, looking furious, and retreats.

As soon as I hold the crystal (which doesn't explode, thankfully) in my hands, I know what to do. I reach toward my bag and grab the little black stones I got earlier. As soon as I bring them out, they cling to the Combination Crystal…and are sucked into its depths. I get a Food Stone out of my bag, and its malleability makes it easy for me to make it into a different shape. As soon as I finish, the Food Stone flies out of my hand and attaches to the Combination Crystal as well. What I am looking at now vaguely resembles the weapon my parents brought with them.

A few Shape Wishers accompany me as I head down the mountain. Soon I arrive at the miners' camp. Below me is the scene from my dream! The same down to the noise the machines make—or lack of it.

Before I lose my nerve, I grasp the handle made out of the Food Stone. The other end is carefully pointed at one of the miners. One of the black stones shoots out of the tip and zips toward the miner's head—his hat to be exact. The stone clamps on to the fabric, and…nothing happens. Maybe that one doesn't work. I'll hit the rest of the miners and see what happens. Soon all but one of the miners has little black stones attached to the caps they're wearing.

The last stone clamps on, and a sudden spark lights the air around them. But they don't seem to see it…. One of them frowns and speaks to the others. I notice a flicker of movement and notice that one of the Shape Wishers is gone. Must've gone down to eavesdrop. Soon all the miners are looking puzzled and begin tossing the gems they have back into a cave, but one says something and they stop. Then, still looking confused, they walk away.

The Shape Wisher has slithered back up here. Transforming into a human, he tells me what happened: the first guy asked the others why they were here. None of them knew! They also wondered why they had loaded the conveyer belts with worthless rock. They started to return the rocks, but one of them said to just leave the equipment. It was old. Then they walked away, talking about how they should tell everyone that it's worthless to come up here.

I'm glad my home is safe, but something tells me there's still danger…that's when I notice my Combination Crystal, now without the handle, sitting on top of a pile of gems. I reach out to grab it…and my world explodes. I'm dazzled with rainbow light, and the Shape Wishers are slithering frantically away. Too late, I remember my dream.

When I wake up, this journal is inside my hand, and I notice I'm in some sort of cage. I don't feel danger anymore though, and I walk around. Sparks of different colors surround me. That's when I notice the coolness in the air, and the shape of my prison—a diamond.

I am inside the Combination Crystal.

A/N: Dun dun DUUUH! Stay tuned for my next novel: The Combination Crystal. It'll be longer than this one, I promise. In fact, I'm uploading another, much longer version of this one soon.