They say high school is the best four years of your life. If that's true, then I'd like to thank you, Senior Boy, for ruining the epitome of my human life.

You may have put on a smile, and coated your words in sugar, but you did nothing to disguise the malice in your eyes. What did I do to deserve the cruelty you showed me in my tender first year of high school? No matter how many times I apologize for the same, imaginary crime, you still push me further over the line, as if you're waiting for me to snap. You're a sadist, Senior Boy.

Taunting me...mocking me. Bullying me. How can you do this to someone who has only shown you kindness, and looked passed the faults that everyone else is fully aware of?

The only crime I am guilty of, Senior Boy, is loving you.

I wrote you letters that I never sent. I traced over your name on paper a thousand times, and I looked over every picture of you in the yearbook. There were so many pictures of you, you would think you were the king of the school. Everyone thinks you're so smart, because you make good grades, and you dress right, and your smile is bright and perfect...but I know your secret, Senior Boy.

You put on a good show, as valedictorian, drum major, an honors student. You make friends with everyone you meet, and the teachers are your peers instead of your superiors. But is all of this real, Senior Boy? Or are you just improvising through your high school career, laughing at all of us young, inexperienced underclassmen, struggling to succeed.

Well, I've got news for you, Senior Boy. When you leave, I'm going to be the new ruler. I'm going to be the Queen of South Central High. When you're gone, I'm going to make every teacher, administrator, and student forget you ever existed. I'm going to blow your records off the chart, and make everything you did look mediocre. That's how I'm going to get back at you for all those underlying threats, biting insults, and sneering glances from down the hall.

Every smirk, every mocking wink, will be hung on your personal wall of shame.

I bet you didn't know that every day, I walked to third period, praying that you weren't in one of your moods. Because I couldn't ignore you, Senior Boy, not for a second. And if you decided to hate me even more that day, I would leave the class wanting to cry, because you spit words of acid at me, and I take it because I need to hear your voice, no matter how hateful the things you say are.

But I'll never let anyone walk over me the way you did, Senior Boy. No, I'll take every guy like you I see, and I'll twist him into a blubbering, whimpering little boy that can say nothing but the word "sorry". You made me cruel, Senior Boy, and I'll never forgive you for it.

Don't you ever come back here, because if you do, I'll make you hate yourself the way I hate you now. The way I hate you and still love you at the same time...for crushing me, and humiliating me...and for teaching me to stand up for myself.

That's all I have to thank you for, Senior Boy.