Essay Concerning the 4.5th Dimension

What if we lived without our memory? If every night we are beaten to death, however our memories are erased and we cannot remember every morning? Would life be painful or not? It would be dreadful in a series of points in time, but because we would be living in the present and not remembering our past, we would never know. That would be living purely in the fourth dimension.

We are able to see from zero to three dimensions clearly. Zero being a point next to nothing. One is a line, connecting points. Two, a plane, or a branched line. Three, which is the addition of depth into the tangible world in which we can perceive.

The fourth dimension is where it gets less clear and less tangible, as we are fourth dimensional creatures. The fourth dimension is a point, however not a point of almost nothing, but a point in time. Every millisecond, nanosecond, etc. is a point in the fourth dimension. We, being living creatures have four dimensions as we are constantly in a point of time in our lives.

Then what is life? Life is our fifth dimension – a line connecting two points of time. It marks our birth to our death. Or, it can mark the Big Bang to a possible apocalypse, but because our lines are very much limited and we will never be able to perceive that line of such enormity.

However, being fourth-dimensional beings, we cannot see a dimension above ourselves. We can only tangibly see dimensions below us and feel the dimension we are in. We can touch and visually see the dimensions zero to three, and we can feel we are living in points of time. We cannot see our lives as a line of these points, however, so therefore anything from five and beyond is purely theoretical to us.

There is one thing that can connect us to partially see our lives in the fifth dimension. And that one thing is the ability of memory. Memory connects some fourth dimension points of time and incompletely tries to draw a line from the beginning of our lives to the present point. But as we cannot see our present point to our future, nor is our past a perfect, complete line, we cannot be considered fifth dimension creatures. (If we were, we would live in the sixth dimension and be able to change our futures by time travel.)

I believe that we are 4.5th dimensional because we are somewhat more "advanced" than a pure fourth dimensional being, yet we are still limited against reaching the fifth dimension. Because of this we would remember in the morning how horrible the night had been, and in our case we would find a way to prevent that from happening again.

Our lives are based on our memories, our choices by experience. Without extra partial insight in a higher dimension our lives would be pointless – or rather, points – and would seem like a conspiracy every day. It would be impossible to be considered living without this ability.

My theory may not be accurate, or reasonable, however I do assure that I have done some research on the ten known dimensions. I hope you enjoyed it, and I hope it wasn't too confusing.