you s*c*r*e*a*m your name (your identity, your soul)

and you dance until you




and you cry and you s.h.r.i.e.k like a banshee

and you p.u.n.c.h and send the pain away

and you're so happy that you've finally discovered whoyouare

and your head p.o.u.n.d.s to the music and

in that minute you don't have to think you

don't have to w-o-r-r-y about being a bsorbe d by the thoughts you

don't have to worry about the confusion f^i^l^l^i^n^g up the space

( but ifyou think about it you'll r.e.a.l.i.s.e that this

hair-ripping wall-punching kicking punching screaming person

isn't y o u)

(and you'll r.e.a.l.i.s.e that this isn't as much of h~a~p~p~i~n~e~s~s

as deliria)

(and you'll r.e.a.l.i.s.e that you're not much of an extreme person so

why do you keep trying?)

(and is it really that u.n.f.o.r.g.i.v.a.b.l.e if you pretend to be

someoneyou'renot if it makes you feel alive?)

A/N: Something I wrote while listening to 21st Century Breakdown to what feels like the hundredth time in a day on full volume :D I don't own 21st Century Breakdown or Green Day.

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