I hate the wind...it's cold and spontaneous. Like ice cube bullets or something. It doesn't help when you have waist length frizzy hair either. I hastily search for my handmade jumbo hair scrunchies when Alexia approaches me. I so don't need this. I try my hardest to scoot away but her high heel scurrying powers get the best of me. "Ooh I heard about the major breakup with Jordan" she spits out in a sugary voice, that by the way makes me want to gag. "Um it really wasn't that major." I can lie very well. We just had to go our separate ways". And then she replies "From what I've heard, he dumped you like trash... but you know false rumors can spread, I guess" This bitch is just waiting for a slap, I swear. "Well that's good to know Alexia" I say trying to control my anger as I curtly walk away. I guess this is my life now. Erica Green minus Jordan Daniels equals disaster.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: The italics mean what's going on in Erica's head, let me know if I should cancel thoose or whatever. Anyway enjoy reading my short intro and REVIEW PLEASE!