Amy is a six year old girl with curly blonde hair cascading down to her shoulders. She has blue almond shaped eyes that twinkle when she laughs. She doesn't understand that she has powers beyond mortal comprehension. She commands the myths. But they aren't myths. They aren't just stories read from a book. They are very very real in fact they are more real than you and me. Amy can make demons with a blink of an eye and angels with a puff of breath. She commands life itself. No, she understands none of this but soon she will.

"Amy no!" her mother shrieked as Amy toddled out into the road as a speeding truck plowed straight for her.

Amy screamed but just before the car hit Amy a blindingly white light in the form of a person with huge majestic wings materialized with her hand outstretched and the car stopped immediately when the light touched it. The light then picked Amy up and brought her to her mother who was sobbing with relief.

"Thank you. Thank you." Her mother sobbed, but before she could reach her hand out to touch the light to thank her she vanished. At the moment Amy's mother didn't have time to worry about what just happened all she cared about was that her daughter was safe.

"I'm ok mommy. The Angel saved me." Amy said trying to stop her mother from crying not understanding they were tears of joy.

"The Angel saved you." she said hugging her daughter close. She rushed her daughter inside to escape the dangerous road and once she had calmed down after several hours she realized what had happened. Had she seen an Angel save her daughter? Or was she crazy? Or maybe even dreaming?

"Amy, how did you know that thing was going to save you?" her mother asked.

"I asked it to. Please is always the magic word, mommy." Amy answered with a giggle.

"How did you ask it to?" her mother asked sounding wary.

"Like you ask daddy to pass you the salt at dinner." Amy said with a confused look.

"But Amy that thing just appeared in front of you and stopped the car instantly. How did you ask it to that fast?" her mother asked frantically.

"It was always there. The Angel is here now too." Amy said very frightened.

"Can you show me?" her mom asked.

"She's right there can't you see her?" Amy pointed to a spot to the right of her.

"No sweetie." her mom replied.

"But, she's right there." she said confused. She then turned to the spot the pointed to earlier, "Angel why can't my mommy see you?"

Just then the light reappeared and Amy's mom shouted out in surprise.

The light then said, "Do not be afraid, I am an Angel. A worker of the light." Her voice sounded like a choir of- well angels.

"Why can my daughter see you?" Amy's mom asked fearfully, her voice cracking a bit.

"She can see all of the Legends. What you believe to be stories are real things that only certain people can see. There is a war coming. While your daughter chooses to associate with beings of light there are others who believe that the demons of this world have a right to rule your lives wholly because you are but puny mortals." the Angel replied.

"My daughter cannot fight in a war! She is six years old!" Amy's mom shouted holding close to Amy.

"She must! Unless you want her and all of your planet to be enslaved and forced to worship Demons of darkness." the Angel said.

"My daughter is too young. How is she supposed to fight in a war? She knows nothing of warfare or tactics! I try not even to let her see guns!" Amy's mom said.

"Mommy you're hurting me." Amy said twisting and writhing trying to loosen her mother's grip on her.

"Sorry sweetie." her mom said loosening her grasp.

"This will not be a war fought will guns. This is a war of the Light against the Dark." the Angel said.

"She won't be in danger?" her mother asked.

"She will always be in danger because of her power, but as she is immortal no she will not be in physical danger." the Angel said.

"Immortal?" Amy's mom asked incredulously.

"Immortal!" A small impatient voice piped up from near her mother's ear.

Amy's mom screamed and jumped up from her chair with her eyes wide.

"By the starts mortals are dense!" the small voice said again but by this time Amy's mother's wide eyes had found the source. A small woman with the wings of a dragonfly that was no larger than Amy's tiny six-year-old hand.

Amy's mom now squinting at the small woman said, "So my daughter has Fairies as well as Angels."

To this the Angel held a hand up to her mouth and gasped and the small woman turned red in the face and said with a voice much to large for her body, "You stupid mortals! Why does nobody understand I AM A SPRITE! Not a Fairy! Not a Pixie! A SPRITE!"

Another small woman appeared next to the first and said in a very petite voice, "I'm a Fairy." This woman appeared to radiate blue light and she too had wings.

"I suppose there's a Pixie here as well?" Amy's mother said now resigned to the fact that she had gone insane.

"Yep!" said another small woman this one even smaller than the first. This girl had no wings and was green skinned. Not green like the Wicked Witch of the West but just very lightly tinted green. She had short cropped brownish blonde hair probably where the term 'pixie cut' came from.

"What else is in my house right now? Maybe a Minotaur? A Goblin?" Amy's mom asked. She'd probably actually seen her daughter die in that car accident and it had made her brain go snap! The thought made her laugh insanely.

"Silence mortal!" Said a tall woman with long brown braided hair that seemed to be alive and writhing like snakes. "How dare you compare us to such denizens of darkness!"

The Sprite was infuriated too. Even the calm ones like the Angel and the Fairy looked livid. The blue light that normally pulsated from the Fairy had turned red. Many other creatures had materialized in the room to show their anger at this statement including a woman who was only woman from the waist up and the rest of her was a tree, A woman who looked like the tree-lady but with water replacing the tree, a tall man with blonde hair, pointed ears and very defined muscles with a bow slung over his arm, a horse-like creature with a single horn leading from its forehead that seamed to glitter and glow without any movement, along with many other creatures.

"Calm down. Shhhh." Amy said in her tiny six year old voice.

The Angel looked down at her and balanced her emotions and then told everyone else to restrain themselves.

"She compared us to a Goblin!" the Sprite said spitting with rage.

This input was met with cheering from the assorted creatures.

"You are frightening Amy." the Angel said curtly.

The crowd silenced itself almost instantly after that.

The Angel then turned to Amy's mother and said very pointedly, "Never compare any creature of light to a Goblin. If it happens again I will crush the life out of your weak, fragile, puny, mortal human form. Are we clear?"

"Absolutely. It was an accident. Won't happen again." Amy's mom said breathlessly.

"Good. Now we need to leave. That truck that almost hit Amy was being driven by a Hobgoblin. The attempts to take her have begun. We need to get Amy to a safe place as soon as possible." The Angel said addressing the crowd. She then turned to Amy's mother and said, "We will leave every protective enchantment we know on this house in order to keep you safe from the Darkness."

The tall man with the bow then helped Amy onto the Unicorn and together all of the creatures disappeared along with Amy. Once the creatures had left the room seemed to be so dark and Amy's mother started to cry.