Nine eleven was a false flag terror,

To change this country not for better,

God have mercy on the souls,

Whose eyes are black and hearts are holes.

Men who have a plan to take,

Our freedom to burn at the stake,

One World Government is their plan,

Take every women and every man,

Destroy the rights that many died for,

Crush our spirits beyond restore,

But we will not lay down and die,

We'll raise our banners high,

We'll film the truth and let it air,

For us to fight, men be prepared,

You do not scare us with your lies,

Remember as long as we live and the flag flies,

We will make you face the truth,

At all your meetings, in every booth,

We'll confront you for your deeds,

We'll sow the truth out like seeds,

Remember Alex and Luke, who call you out,

Well there are more who for freedom shout,

We're not about to take your ways,

We'll show that we're not your slaves,

Come all those all around the world,

Take your flag in the wind uncurled,

Cry for justice, freedom, truth,

Older ones and ones of youth,

Together we stand to make this right,

To end the tyranny and fight the fight,

Their agenda shall not prevail,

While we with God do not fail,

What life is worth if we do not cry,

And show that you are willing to die,

Shout the truth over sea and land,

We will end their evil plan.