Things I know.

I know that just because I'm not skinny. It doesn't mean I'm fat.

Because my inner scale never lies

I know that even if I'm not gorgeous I'm not ugly. and

I know that anyone who loves me won't care. Because I'm beautiful on the inside.

I know that one day today will be tomorrow.

Because we have to move forward

I know that from now till then. Anything. Everything can change.

I know not to jump to conclusions.

Cuz I may just get stranded there.

I know that things aren't always what they seem.

Because the small unnoticed stuff is what makes a huge difference.

I know it's okay to stop and smell the flowers.

Because it's fun, As long as I don't get stung by bees

I know that things, even if they don't turn out my way, will be okay.

Because I know that if I was happy all the time, Someone else would have to be unhappy.

I know that one day I'll have a happy ending.

Because I already know that wishes do come true.