Remember On Thanksgiving

Friends and Family let us gather here,
To share this day's Thanksgiving cheer,
Set aside all petty fights,
And let us be grateful on this night.

For many have no cheer to share,
No friends and family to love and care,
They sit alone in sad and gloom,
In prison walls and whitewashed room.

You have your family and freedom now,
But there are those who know not how,
To smile and be with good glee,
When prison guards are all they see.

You may not know how much you own,
With family and what you call home,
With turkey brown and smelling fine,
When others have much less then grime.

Warm clothes and gloves you have to keep,
While some have not blankets to sleep,|
You wish and want without a thought,
Of what to give and what is wrought.

Now stop and think of those alone,
Who have little food and are not home,
Whose sadness grows when holidays are here,
Please pray to bring some comfort there.

You know not what you have from day to day,
Until at last its torn away,
And then you'll wish for some to pray,
For you on this Thanksgiving day!