there was this girl, her dress of the darkest blue
and she used to tell me stories of this still place

"a madly howling universe
drawn around a blistering, dying sun.
the stars would throw out their burning arms
grasping at the planet swooping by
their disdain of the spinning globe
overcome only by its lonely moon.
and everything was so, so quiet."

it was here she would pause, her eyes turned to the sky
a smile tucked in the corner of her mouth

"the moon would sometimes sing to itself
these melodies to calm the stars.
and though the planet never stopped spinning
never paused to thank its beautiful moon
it kept singing night after night
serenading the stars into a dreamy sleep."

she would close her eyes, only for an instant
and i swear she was listening to the moon's subtle song

"the moon would fall hopelessly in love
and the lullaby changed
it bent to shape the planet;
a timeless showcase of its love."

when she spoke the last time, her story had changed
and she had lost the light behind those perfect eyes

"the moon stopped singing one night,
had lost its song. and the stars
oh, how the stars grew wicked
their fiery arms reaching around the moon
wrapping themselves tightly around it
until they burned straight through.
and the planet? it kept on spinning
the song but a familiar tune
playing in the back of its mind."