I turn round the corner. And look back. Both of the corridors are the same. Exactly the same. The same dark green carpet and cream walls. The same deep red locked doors at equal distances along. The same flower shaped glass lampshades on the walls.

I walk down it, my footsteps echoing slightly. I turn another corner. Exactly the same.

I'm not sure where I am, how did I get here? And, more importantly, how am I going to get out?

Corridor after corridor I walk down, all identical, none leading anywhere.

I hear a slight scuffing noise behind me and glance back. No one there. I keep walking. I hear it again. Someone is following me. But there is no-one there.

I look again and hear a laugh, a man's laugh, quite deep. It echoes around me and suddenly there are thousands of them, laughing at me, laughing at the idea that I can see him.

I freeze in panic, flat against the wall, my heart thudding, my eyes still relentlessly searching for the man who isn't there.

The lights flicker for a moment before plunging into darkness. I start to run, the laugh still echoing in my ears. The flowery lamps light up again.

He laughs harder "It's no use. You can't hide. You can't escape. It's no use."

His footsteps are closer and more distinct. I notice a door, identical to the others but with a white line around the edge, it's open!

I yank it open and run inside before skidding to a halt. Below me is the start of a winding stair descending into blackness. The light coming from a single naked bulb hanging above the door gleams off the tarnished silver banister.

I'm not sure, should I go down?

But his footsteps are right behind me and I start the long slow descent.

The door at the top bangs open and his footsteps are echoing on the cold concrete floor and bouncing of the cylindrical walls.

"You cannot run" he cries "You cannot escape"

Down, down, down…

My heart is beating wildly and my breath is uneven.

Down, down, down…

Will this stair never end?

I can no longer see the top. I am in pitch black darkness. One of my hands trails down the metal banister and the other is following the wall as I run.

Down, down, down …

His laugh bounces around me again. I think I can feel the walls closing in around me as claustrophobia sets in and I run even faster to avoid them. I miss the step and slip. My hand scrapes along the wall leaving white marks, I grab out with the other hand trying vainly to find a hold, but the banister has disappeared.

Now I am sliding, going round and round at a tremendous speed, my head is spinning.

Down, down, down…

His footsteps are getting steadily quieter.

Down, down…

Suddenly I hit the bottom, it is very dimly lit and the room is turning round as my dizziness slowly fades. I can no longer hear his footsteps, I must have lost him! I breathe a sigh of relief. He's gone. I must have left him behind by my fall. I glance around hoping to find an exit.

I hear a noise behind me and I turn, slowly filling with dread, as he steps out of the shadows.