Chapter 1 The Amorous Adventures of Krin Hoekeson

I've decided to keep a diary, why I don't know, maybe when I'm famous I'll have something to refer to. So I guess I'll play this out until I'm bored.

Authors Note; This story is dedicated to the girls that ride or would like to ride their own scooters, the Ladies of Harley, and all the rest. Stormy, I wrote this for you

Feb 13, 2010

Well, this is as good a day as any to start this, so here goes; My name is Krin Hoekeson, I'm 17 years old, I live in Evanston Wyoming I have long platinum blonde hair, most of the time it's pulled back but I wear it braided as well. I'm 5ft 9in tall, weigh 114lbs have average boobs and green eyes. I attend Evanston High School, get good grades, and am thinking about going to the University of Wyoming. I have a part time job delivering auto and truck parts for my dad's NAPA store here in Evanston, I travel to such places as Kemmerer, Lyman, Little America, Green River, Rock Springs, and occasionally Salt Lake City.

For my own transportation I own a 1987 Honda Rebel motorcycle, although mom's selling me her 2000 Sportster which I'll get in a few months on my 18th birthday, I also own a 1999 Ford Ranger which, along with my bike maintain myself. My parents raised me to be very independent, I smoke from time to time, although I'm trying to quit. Some would say I'm wild but actually I've set some very strict rules for boyfriends as well as myself. I don't generally let hands and fingers go below the waist, I'm no fool, I've got a future to think about, boys that just want to sow their wild oats are not welcome. I definitely know where babies come from, but none for me right now thank you, my parents put a lot of trust in me, I don't let them down, I value friendship highly, and go to great lengths to help one.

Right now I'm dating a boy named Ted Miller, but more on him later, not much more to say, other than I love a good party, I love to dance, I like beer, I like to make out, and I, well I think of it later.