Two priest sat in a stone corridor looking at the scrolls laid out in front of them. They seemed confused they had interpreted. Yet each time they predicated the future they got it wrong. Was there no meaning to them, was there whole life dedicated to nothing but a myth and a fairytale.

A loud crashing noise was heard. It was a golden goblet of wine being thrown down in frustration by one of the old men.

"Why must the god mock us, after all these years he still shows no signs of his existence and I followed blindly why, oh why!"

The other one looked at him reassuringly , "Come he will come when the profit comes, the boy of sin the boy of sin will lead us to our god. Were almost there we just got to keep trying."

both of them looked at each other , the goblet was picked up and the people continued to read through their scrolls.

Just a couple of feet away outside the holy building little children played in grassy fields happily and beyond that was the capital of the country Defont. Draga the home city of the king and queen of the land. However these people who ruled didn't have much royal blood in them. There had been so many revolutions and army take overs the ones who ruled the state were holy men. This had taken many many years but the church had taken control of the country and it was finally a peaceful time for all.

"My king what awaits the public in the next few years?"

The conversation was between an old man dressed in miraculous clothes and a golden crown on his head and another who seemed to be wearing fine cloth but the material and accessories were no where near the other.

"We have had our 50 years of peace and according to the scriptures left by the old one what awaits us is the child of sin. We must keep an eye out for him. Look for any children of the description in the scripture if so kill any who have the potential"

The king looked down at the man beneath him. He say hesitation in his eyes. With a trembling lip the man replied,

"But sire the public might disagree , we wouldn't want another violent rebellion!"

"Don't worry friend, say it is not our will but god's, send a message to all send and so let it be known what the time we are ... The dark ages"

The man looked at his king then with a sharp breath ran off to do as he was told by the king who spoke the word of god.

Meanwhile at a camping site a new baby girl had been born crying, her black curly hair and blue eyes enticed all around her. She may be poor but it was a gift, she had a safe delivery compared to another family who now lay in ruins next to them at the make-shift hospital tent.

"No how can this be, she's gone why?" A father screamed at a young nurse

"I'm sorry Mr Stronghold, the birth was too much you do have a healthy boy, take consolation in that."
"No, I have no son , he is a murderer and ugly murderer." The man let go of tears as he ran off.

The boy had just been born and was quiet he didn't cry for air or cry for milk he seemed solemn as if understanding his disposition yet he didn't make a sound or movement, it seemed he was in it's own little world.