I can't stand her. I can't stand her red lips that are too big for her small face. And the photographs from disposable cameras with her thighs, stomach, and breasts exposed. And the colored pencil self-portraits showcasing her pointy nipples and white flesh. And how she likes naked pin-up girls so that the boys will like her. And her shorts bangs. And the photos of her cleavage. And that she never says hello to me. And that she always says hello to him. And that she knows all the same people I know. And her narcissistic commando days. And her blog full of pictures and cartoons, lacking any substance or words. And how she wears midriff shirts like it's the nineties. And that her art passes as erotica and gets featured on Juxtapoz. And how she'll dress up for Halloween as long as she gets to wear less clothes. And how she calls her friends "ultra babes". And how her top four buttons are too many buttons undone. And I can't stand that I can't stand someone I barely know.