Take a moment and
Breathe it all in.
Take in the ash and
Absorb the starlight through
Your sensitive pores. Take a
Moment to take it all in. Take in

Rain pours and you
Throw your arms back
And let yourself dance.
Spinning 'round and 'round
Like a hurricane only
I'm the high-pressure system
Colliding with your storm
Cell high in the clouds.
Soak up the raindrops as
They pierce your porcelain
Skin with their watery blades. Take
It all in. Breathe it.

Ocean spray and twilight
Calls you to the seashore
Cut yourself with glass and
Cry when it hurts like heaven.
Take in the pain. Absorb.
Consume like you've been
Hungry your entire life. Swallow
Like you need this. Absorb the
Starlight, and don't forget to
Sip the wine. Let it grip you.

Take a moment and
Breathe it in. Let yourself
Drown in it. Take in the ash.
Absorb the starlight.

(Don't forget to sip
The wine. It's got
Ambrosia with a
Drop of blood.)