This is actually my poem, not my cousin, but it fit into the category.

Sometimes, I really hate my over emotional self. I grow attached when I know I shouldn't.

Or I grow attached to the wrong person and just feel the heartache turn into real pain.

My normal hyperactive person becomes slow and dull, and I don't have the strength to smile.

I always try to hide behind a smile, behind the faked happiness. But, sometimes, it's too much.

My chest hurts, feels like its been stabbed and my energy leaves quicker than it can come back.

I don't want to cry in the darkness, but I want people to only see me when I'm happy.

I never thought emotional pain could turn real, until I met him. And then I became attached.

He even warned me not too, but I had a friend who understood me better than the others.

My heart gave me no choice but to become attached. And now it's suffering worse than ever.

I still show others a smile, to make them believe I'm all right, but it's a dark disguise.

Because honestly, I feel like this pain has just gotten to great for me to handle anymore.