The question always lingers in my brain
I'm afraid to answer but if I don't I'll collapse in pain
I might as well just get it out there but there's nothing to gain
Am I heartless or am I insane?

My life is full of regrets but I don't remember anything
My mind is a palace and in the throne room is a ruthless king
I try to remember but all it does is sting
I can't remember when I became so unfeeling

I make you cry and I stare straight on
Your screams and yells have become my song
I don't know when it all became wrong
And I'm sorry I'm so heartless but I won't admit it; my pride's too strong

Over time I've come to accept myself and that fact
But trust me when I say that sometimes I wish it was just an act
Because you've told me that my soul was blacked
With no hope for a future but my heartless heart felt attacked