Don't you remember me?
I'm the doll, your darling little doll,
And I know all your secrets. Now do you

Blonde hair brushed with a
Cat's hairbrush and teeth cleaned
With Windex on the bottom shelf in
The cold, dark basement of your house

(Seriously? How can you forget?)

But of course, no one remembers
The doll, the darling little doll. My eyes
Pierce the air like buttons with lasers and
I wonder where the time went, because we
Used to be friends, but now I only know all
Your secrets, so watch out, little-big girl,
I know all of them, and I do like to

You were so young then. I wonder what
Frightens you now as a teen too
Cool to play with dolls. But remember,
Dolls like to play too. And blackmail is a
Big girl's game