Laconia, New Hampshire

Winter, 1892

George Dawson surveyed the scene in the spacious family room of his house. His wife, Abigail, sat on a red settee, light from a gas lamp making her blonde hair glint with streaks of red. His six year old son, Benjamin, was helping his three year old sister, Lizzy, in putting together a puzzle. Two year old Peter stood beside his mother, making faces at two month old Ariel, who was in his mother's arms, in order to make her laugh. The children's nurse, Heidi, stood off to the side, ready to help with them when it was necessary.

Life was good and George was happy.

After allowing himself the pleasure of his children's company for a little while longer he said, "Heidi, isn't it time for t he children to return to the nursery and go to bed?"

The woman nodded, and, taking Ariel from Abigail and calling the other children to her, followed them up to the nursery.

George sighed happily, and, moving to sit on the settee by his wife, took her in his arms and kissed her.

"What has you so happy?" She asked curiously, laughing a little at his bliss.

"I am only feeling very blessed this night."

"Oh? Why is that?"

"Why shouldn't I? I have a beautiful wife, four wonderful children, a large house, many servants, food in the cupboards, clothes to wear, and as much love as I could ever hope to have. So why should I not be happy?"

"Very true, darling." Abigail kissed his cheek, her blue eyes sparkling. "Very true."

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