Byzantine weaving

And byzantine lies,

Reveal the key

To unlock the tides.

Bring back a memory,

Drowned and hidden.

Search for the truth,

Dark and forbidden.

Trapped by four short walls of steel,

She makes an unforgivable deal.

Above the sandy ocean floor,

He unlocks, pulls open the door.

Under sea glass, breathing burns

And deep below it, the young girl learns.

Her future blurred with fear and doubt,

The world is plagued with death and drought.

As her skin begins to fuse,

He looks upon her as his muse.

She writhes and chokes on water's spell,

As he unleashes flame from hell.

The world above them suffocates,

Lush and moist succumb to fate.

Red hair billows and she takes a breath,

He grins and takes her, worse than death.

She cuts through wave and sea,

Longs for the world it used to be.

Eyes peer over the water's brim,

No sky above it, all is dim.

Her scales skim through the water's grasp,

She cries at the doom that hell has cast.

Beyond the water, all is parched,

Crippled mountains cracked and arched.

She inhales under water,

Swimming beside him, Satan's daughter.

He saved her, took her lungs,

The world's demise a fault of tongue.

Guilty, they sink slowly to the floor,

Tugging open Hell's only door.

"Go on," he whispers, "you made the deal,"

Tears blend with ocean, her promise is real.