I shake my head, a pathetic attempt to clear some of the thoughts. It didn't work, as usual, but that doesn't matter. Getting bored of the brown, chipping paint of the Hermes cabin, I turn around to look past the its side, and you'll "never guess" who I see. My heart beats faster just at the sight of her, despite myself. Yes, I do love Bre, but that doesn't mean I can't be angry at her. And right now? I am furious, and I know my face expresses it. She turns around, appearing to be looking for someone. Maybe she's looking for that 'big strong Ares guy' I thought with a sneer.

The next thing I hear is "Hey! Hey Bre!" and I turn towards the sound with an expression of disbelief and anger. OF COURSE YOU'LL NEVER GUESS WHO IT IS. I grit my teeth and run my hands through my hair. I felt like screaming, who does this ******* (because meanie head and stupid just won't cover it) think he is talking to her? I kick the air, multiple times, then even make a silent punch against the wall of the cabin. I turn away and stare to the treetops instead, I can't let go of my anger. Can't let go. Can't. Let. Go.

When I turn back, Bre and who-gives-a-crap-what-his-name-is are gone. I felt my anger drain from me, my arms to my sides, shoulders falling, and eventually I slouch against the cabins' side, sliding to the bottom. I'm an idiot. A friggin' idiot. I see her with another guy but do nothing about it. Nothing. I run my hands through my hair yet again, a nervous gesture, I guess. And just as I'm about to engross myself in my torturous thoughts when I hear a voice come from next to me.

"Um...Daniel, right? What was that?" I turn to see a girl with kind of curly black hair, and blue-green eyes that sparkled with curiousity. She looked to be about my age, and was a little short, much shorter than me, and actually very pretty. I had seen her before-oh yeah! She was the new girl, hadn't been claimed yet. Her name was unique...it's on the tip of my tongue...

I shake my head, an in attempt to clear the thoughts away-again-then answer, "Uh, yeah. You got it. Um...Kiwi? Was that your name?" She sighs, annoyed, and puts her head down, bringing her hand to her forehead, muttering something that sounded like "Every time..." but I couldn't be sure. She looks back at me, then answers, rolling her eyes,"No. My name is Ceilie. Key-lee." I raise my hands in defense, "Sorry, didn't know." Then I lower my hands and stare back into the grass and dirt, figuring that she would leave now that I've ticked her off.

But, surprising me again, she doesn't. Instead, she asks "So...what was that?" reffering to my, um, temper tantrum (that has no dignity in it at all *mental sigh*).

"Uh...nothing..." I mumble, turning away from her. "Well..." Ceilie says, sitting down next to me, "it looked like you were upset about something, so what was that something?" I sigh and clutch my head in my hands, all of the things that I saw, and so wish that I hadn't. Then I manage to say, "It's about a girl." and once I said that, I really wished that she would leave. I do NOT want to explain everything to some random girl. But as I expected, Ceilie stuck around. So I continued. "Um, I really like her-scratch that-love her, but from what I've seen, she likes another guy. So I'm in a real pickle."

Wow, I've never said that I loved her out loud, not even when I was alone, and telling someone felt, I don't know, good somehow. I looked up at Ceilie to see her confused expression. "Wait a minute, did she tell you this?"

"Well no, but-"

"That means she could still like you."

"No because-"

"But she hasn't told you that she likes him."

"I know but she-"

"Therefore she might like you."


Ceilie backs away a little. "Jeez, sorry." I sigh again, and explain. "No, I'm sorry. it's just, I know she likes him because I saw her kissing another guy."

"OOOOHHH. Well then you are in a pickle. Wait, what if it was just a pity kiss or something?"

I shake my head, "No, Bre doesn't give pity kisses."

Ceilie's eyes go wide and her mouth drops as I realize what I just said, then I start gaping like her. "Ceilie you can't-"

"Bre is the one you like?"

"Yes, but Ceilie-"


I start panicking, and I do my best to not show it, then shake my head and tell her "No Ceilie no no no. She cannot know. I'm going to tell her myself." Someday. She just sits there, then laughs, her head thrown back as if this was funny. "KIDDING! Or am I?" I give her a 'what the heck' look then say, "You better be." in a tone on the verge of threatening. She leans away and with a smile holds up her hands, "Hey, I'm kidding." I nod and say okay, but I don't think she's being entirely honest.

Ceilie gets up then, and places her hands on her hips, "Ok, well, good luck with Br-your secret lover." she says with a giggle and a wink. I sigh and roll my eyes, I regret telling her anything. Then with a turn and a swish from her long black hair, she's gone to who knows where, and I'm left alone, to drown myself in my own anger, sadness, and regret.