Who are you?

Who am I?

Who are you to ask me this?

What gives you the right to question me?

Why me and not you?

Why me, what did I do?

Avoiding the question,

Which means you know the answer,

What are you hiding?

I won't judge you.

Just tell me.

I don't see why you'd want to know.

There ain't nothing special about me

At all.

I'm just a boy.

Fifteen years of age.

I'm Mathew Capri.

I'm not asking how you're different,

Who you are is bigger,


You see me now,

That's me snorting.

Because if I am anything.

It's not magnificent.

Maybe one day,

I was once special,

A barefoot boy,

Living in sunshine and rainbows.

But now it's changed

And who I am.

It isn't the same.

The question wasn't,

What you once were,

The question is,



I am,

A boy trying to live in the past,

Wanting nothing to remember

Destroying himself with every memory.

I am,

A boy who ruined,

The best friends he had,

Not the high school type,

The real ones, the forever type.

I am,

A boy a recovering cutter,

Trying to avoid the questions,

The 'where have you been all summer',


I am,

A boy who can't forgive his father,

Even though he's getting better,

And they share the same problems,

With one exception,

He's getting better.

I am,

Not who I thought I was,

Or who I would ever be,

I am not Mathew Capri.


Now that you know who you are,

You can work on

Who you can be.