Chapter 1

It was a normal day at Fuller's Secondry School, it was raining as usual, nothing was different. As I parked my rather banged up blue ford fiesta in my usual spot, I noticed a difference, there was a new car. It was gorgeous and it looked pricey. I think it was a BMW. That's funny, because it's the middle of term, a bit late for newcomers.

I slipped out of my car and walked up the gravel path to the entrance. It was there I first saw him. He was stunning, with short spiky blonde hair, green eyes and a fantastic body. My mouth dropped but only for a second. I quickly gathered my thoughts and hurried to my first class. As I walked by him, I was almost positive he looked up. Great the new guy already thinks I'm weird!


The morning passed in a blur and I didn't see the new guy all morning. Although I didn't know why, my thoughts kept slipping back to this morning as if it were some precious memory I couldn't forget.

I was a little dizzy as I entered the lunch hall. When inside I noticed the popular table had already gotten to the new guy. Though I was upset, I still felt envious of him, I've been here for five years and barely anyone knows my name and he just arrived and suddenly he's everyone's best friend? How is that fair?

I quickly walked over to my friend Rachel and sat down across from her. Rachel was my best friend. She was an inch shorter than me, had yellow cat like eyes and hair as black as night. She was thin, but really strong. She was a big girly girl. Rachel had her lunch laid neatly in front of her as usual.

"Morin' Rach," I mumbled, as I took out my lunch.

"Uh-huh," She replied, but she was far too busy staring off into the distance.

I turned and followed her gaze, and found her staring longingly at the popular table. I shook my head and began to eat. Awhile later Rachel decided to come out of her fantasy and talk to me.

"Have you seen the new guy? He's drop, dead gorgeous and he's got the cutest English accent. I think I'm like so in love." She swooned dramatically, and had that stupid smile she got every single week she was 'In love'.

"I saw him this morning, and yeah I guess he's not the worst looking guy in the world but to say your 'In love' might be a little over the top." I replied, while I ate my lunch.

She glared at me for half a minute and finally she just stuck out her tongue at me and ate her sandwich. For the rest of lunch I continued to stare at the new guy, to my shock I found myself smiling. Finally when the new guy and the pops left. I quickly said goodbye to Rachel and left too.

I headed for my next class which was English. When I arrived I sat down at my desk and took out my English book. I soon got bored and started doodling on my copy. Then something terribly unusual happened,the chair next to me was pulled out and someone sat down. Startled I looked up to see who it was, it was the new guy. My heart skipped a beat. I didn't know what to say, so I quickly looked down and began to doodle again. Why was he sitting next to me? I guess the pops didn't fill him in on their rules yet. In some ways I was so happy and in another, I just wanted him to go away.

" Hey! I'm Jack Williams. You are?" He asked politely.

I was completely and utterly speechless. " Emm... Violet Pierce," That was all I could get out because I was in such shock.

" Nice to meet you, Violet. If you don't mind me asking, why are you sitting alone?" I stared at him, I was completely confused.

" Didn't the pops tell you?" I was in such disbelief at his genuine curiosity.

" Tell me what?" He seemed deeply confused.

It took me a moment to answer because I was marveling over his beautiful accent. " Emm... well I've only got one friend and she's not in this class, so and emm... no one else at this school talks to me so that's why I am alone and if you don't move and stop talking to me you'll have no friends. So I suggest you just go away!" My voice was harsh and my eyes were cold like ice and unwelcoming.

He was shocked by my tone and he looked hurt. " Well I gess you can add me as a friend then,and as far as the others are concerned? I'm aloud to make my own choices in life, aren't I?" He asked, sounding sincere.

I glared at him for a few seconds, I made the decision that he was being honest." I guess you can, but why have you decided to be friends with me? I mean, out of all the people at this school, why me?" He sighed. " Did your other friend have to answer all these questions?" I laughed but didn't reply.

" Well if I have to answer, I suppose it's because your kinda interesting. Your so wrapped up in your own thoughts and you aren't looking for attention 24/7."

I blinked. That's why he was so interested? That was the reason why no one talked to me,and he finds me interesting because of it? Just as I was about to respond, Mr Lyons entered and started the lesson. I didn't look at Jack for all that 40 minutes, but for some reason I was thinking about him.

At the end of the day, I quickly walked to my car glad that the day was over, but something was bothering me. It was Jack, I couldn't get him out of my head. As I dumped my bag on the passenger seat of my car and started the engine, I noticed a piece of blue paper stuck to my windscreen. That was weird. It must have blew away from someone. With a deep sigh, I hopped out of the car and plucked the piece of paper off my windscreen and started to read it to myself...

Dear Violet,

It was great talking to you.

I would like to see more of you

Would you like to have lunch tomorrow? Or dinner?

Please let me know

Your friend,


My heart began to race. I looked towards his car and saw him looking at me. I walked towards the car with the biggest smile on my face. I tapped the driver side window and waited. He rolled down the window.

" So do you want to have lunch tomorrow?" He asked calmly.

I had to think for a minute. I mean of course I wanted to, but I couldn't leave Rachel alone... Could I?

" Sorry, But I can't leave my friend alone. But emm... What about dinner?" I asked nervously.

" Cool, do you want me to pick you up tomorrow morning aswell, so we can go to dinner after school? He asked.

I nodded. I was so happy.

" Cool I'll see you in the morning then."

I skipped back to my car.

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