Wrote this for English class so it's not great but hope you like it... It only got a B.

Story of Rose and John.

I walked slowly down the bland grey hallway, my head hung, as I took my walk of shame through the jail. I could feel the rough hands of the policeman beside me, gripping my wrists, much tighter than he really needed to.

"You're going away for a long time for what you've done." He sneered, pushing me into a cell and slamming it closed behind me.

I sat numbly on the bench, starring blankly at the ugly grey wall, wondering how the hell I'd ended up here. How had things gotten this far? Just two weeks ago, I was a normal college kid, but because of one vital mistake I'd landed in jail.

It had all started with my girlfriend Rose...

"Hey John! Man over here!" My mate Blake called from across the room. Blake was the blonde preppy type, who threw a party for know real reason. I guess just for the sake of throwing them.

"Hey what's up?" I asked, clamping a hand on his shoulder.

"Hey I want you to meet my sister's mate, Rose. She's from Ireland." When I looked at the girl standing beside him, my breath caught in my throat. She was abosolutely stunning. She had reddish-brown that fell down to her hips. She had green doe like eyes and full plump lips. She was so beautiful, I couldn't take my eyes off her...

"Hi, um... I'm um... I'm..." Dammit, she was so bewitching I couldn't even remember my own blood name!

"Hi Um, I'm Rose." She teased. Her eyes twinkled when she smiled and her accent was fatastic.

"Well, I'll leave you two alone." Blake winked, then started prowling through the crowd.

"So, where are you taking me on our first date?" She batted her eyelashes flirtatiously.

I instantly fell in love with her. I had felt she was the one. That is until the day I went to visit her at her grandomother's house.

"Treasure, our... John, mate, What're you doing here?" Blake asked, standing in the doorway.

"I'm here to see MY girlfriend. What're you doing here, Mate?" I spat out the last word. I feared I already knew the answer, but I couldn't help asking anyway.

"Look John. I don't want any trouble. I think it'd be better if you just go."

"What's going on Blake!" I yelled furiously, balling hands into fists as I felt the anger boiling through my blood, coursing, burning, through my veins.

"Baby? What's going on?" I could hear Rose's soft voice calling from inside the house.

"Nothing. Just a nobody." He smirked at me.

"This isn't over." I muttered, through gritted teeth. I clenched and unclenched my fists as I walked angrily down the garden path.

Now I know the sensible thing to do would have been to throw a few punches at Blake, and get over Rose cheating on me, but I wasn't exactly in my right frame of mind. I was a wreck, crumbling to pieces on the inside. I'd just been betrayed the girl I loved most in the world. So I hid down the road, behind her nighbours hedge.

An hour later I saw her and Blake walking arm and arm down the street acting all... Lovey dovey, it made me sick to my deepest core. All I could think was, that used to be us.

I pressed myself against the bush, til they past by and abruptly I felt my blood started to boil again, without me fully realising what I was doing I was making my way down the street. I hopped the fence into Rose's backgarden and opened the back door with the spare key her Grandma always left lying under a potted plant and made my way to the living room.

I was there for an hour or two, pacing the floor, looking at family pictures, knocking back a few beers, which I took from the fridge, when I saw a picture of Rose kissing Blake.

When I finally heard the front door open, I hide behind the door. I could tell Rose was tipsy, she was giggling uncontrolably. She quietly shut the front door and pushed open the living room door.

When I saw her all bubbly and happy after being with him. Something inside me snapped, the snap was almost audiable. I lunged at her from behind the doorway. Knocking Rose to the floor.

She groaned with pain, then she started to scream. The sounds of her screams sent me into full blown painic. I was terrified someone would hear her.

"Shut up!" I yelled outraged. I pulled her off the floor and started shaking her. She wouldn't stop screaming so I knocked her backwards casuing her to crack her head against the black, stone hearth.

I stared at her for a moment, her body lying limp and lifeless. When the anger subsided, I inched closer to Rose's body. It was only when I was closer, I noticed the pool of blood surrounding her head.

Ohmigod! This was not happening! Inside I felt sick. How had this gotten so out of hand? I ran from the living room, but before I could make a clear exit, I banged into Rose's grandmother Avril. The little old woman let out a horrified gasp then fell to the ground, hitting her head off the bottom step of the stairs. Rose's grandmother was eighty-seven, and died on impact with the stairs.

Now I was in full blown panick. I'd killed two people! I'd never killed anyone before! Never even gotten into a serios fight!

I hurriedly unlocked the front door, my fingers, slipping as I fumbled with them, but I eventually got them open and took off running full speed down the dark streets.

I mulled it over, as I walked through the dark London streets. What could I do? Where should I go? I couldn't go home... At least not right away... I was too much of a mess, Mum would know something was up... I eventually stopped at an old English pub. I knocked back a few beers then switched to whiskey. Somewhere between my tenth and eleventh pint I blacked out.


The next day I woke up with a banging in my head. It felt like a jack hammer was going off. It took me a few moments to remember what I'd done. I felt a completly new wave of sickness come over me which had nothing to do with my hangover.

I pulled myself up off the pub floor and started wandering the streets again. I decided I'd have to the destroy the evidence. I'd have to fix this before the cops got involved.

Before I knew it I was running, a plan forming in my head. I could hear nothing but the sound of my feet hitting the pavement. My heat beating so loudly, it was almost audiable. I thought everyone would be staring at me, but all the business men and women didn't even notice me... To them I was a normal kid who had had toomuch to drink last night... Not an unusual sight for London.

When I reached Rose's house, I looked left to right, checking for any neighbours that could possibly catch me out, but at seven 'o' clock in the morning, not very many people were about.

I hopped the fence into the backgarden and slid open the backdoor, which was still unlocked from last night. The kitchen was how I'd left it, a bit messy, and littered with beer cans. I picked up a pair of gardening gloves that had belonged to Avril, grabbed a garbage bag from under the sink and started throwing cans and anything used by me into it.

Now for the really hard part. I pushed open the door that lead from the kitchen into the living room. It looked like it had when I'd left last night. Rose's still lifeless body was stilllying on the ground. It took all my strength not to gag as I moved forward.

Her beautiful long reddish-brown hair was matted with dried blood, her fair skin pale and her full plump lips had turned icy blue.

I gently knelt down beside her, brushing the hair out of her eyes, and kissed her forehead. "I'm sorry." I murmured as I got to my feet and started to scrub my my fingerprints off everything.

Stage one was complete. Now stage two, Fake a break in. I broke a few photos, and as tempting as it was to break it, I left the one of Rose and Blake untouched. What was considered valuable, I tossed into a garbage bag.

There was nothing else I could do. It was a fool proof plan. I'd made it look like a break in, and when Rose came home she surprised the burglars and she was killed. There was nothing that could bring it back to me.

I went back through the kitchen, closing the backdoor and locked up and re-hid the key. All I had to do know was to arrange an alibi with my sister and then sit back and wait for Blake to report the 'Break In'.

I tossed the garbage bags in the garbage cans down the road and went back to my flat, changing out of my bloody, whiskey soaked clothes and balled them up in a bag. Next I called my sister Angel and invited her over. Hopefully that way I could say I was with her, at the time of the 'Break In'.

Unfortunalty things didn't quite go how I'd expected them to. Before Angel got here, the police did. They started questioning me about my realtionship with Rose. I told them I was her boyfriend, but we'd had an argument and I hadn't seen her in awhile. I also asked them why where they here, trying to keep up the pretence I had no clue about what had happened.

"There was a break in." The first policeman told me.

"Oh gosh! Is Rose okay?" I faked horrified shock.

Police officer two raised a questioning eyebrow, as if he could see through my web of lies.

"Actually she died." The first one told me.

"What? Ohmigod! That's awful!" My acting sounded false even in my own ears, but had they picked up on it?

I'd guessed they had when the second one smiled at me sneeringly.

"Well, yes... But something wasn't quite right about the crime scene." The first one told me, with the same expression as the second.

Bloody hell! What had I done wrong? I'd cleared the rooms of my prints from everything. How the hell had I gone wrong?

"Oh yeah? What's that then?" I asked trying to sound indiffrent.

"Well when we first got there, Mr Blake Everwood was present and let us in and we put it down to nothing more than a break in... But then something didn't quite add up."

What? What hadn't added up? I'd fixed everything perfectly. They thought it the way I'd wanted them too.

"Oh, What didn't add up?" I asked, sitting down on the sofa because my legs had started to shake.

"Well, if Mr Everwood hadn't let is in with a key... How would we have gotten in?"

"Uh... I dunno... I'm not really sure." I shrugged, wondering what he was getting at.

"Well, if we didn't get in without a key and there was no sign of forced entry, there was no way the attacker could have entered the house unless he knew Ms Pierce well.

"What're you saying? You think one of her friends killed her?" I gasped in fake horror, but inside I was in full scale panick. Had they figured it out?

"Not a friend exactly. We were thinking... Her boyfriend." The second one sneered.

"You think I killed her? Why would I do that? Isn't it possible that the grandmother opened the door and let the attacker in, and he killed her?"

"The grandmother, sir? We didn't say anything about the grandmother." The first one had a look in his eyes which basically told me I had just dug myself into a hole with little or no chance of escape.

"Oh... I just... Eh assumed that they killed her as well..." I stammered.

"Don't you think Ms. Pierce would have stopped on her way in if she saw her grandmother dead?" He questioned, while I noticed the other one wandering off to the bedroom.

"The front? Wouldn't the attacker have come in through the back?" I asked.

"The back, sir? Why would he have come though the back?"

"'Cause there's a key hidden back there!" I blurted. "I mean... I mean..."

"Well sir, look what I've found." The second one called as he sauntered out of my room. He was holding the bag filled with my bloody clothes.

"Mr Williams, you're under arrest for the murder of Ms Rose Pierce and Mrs Avril Pierce." The first policeman clamped cuffs on me and the rest is history.

So that was how I was caught. Staging the burglary didn't work, I'd basically given them the answer and I hadn't destroyed all the evidence. Now here I sit in a bland, dank, ugly, grey cell, all alone with no chance of escape.

this is basically the story of John and Rose like I said I wrote it for english so it might not quite fit in with the story but I thought ye might like it.

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