"I'm leaving!" Sekai shout to her mother who's in the kitchen of the restaurant.

"Where are you going?" She shouts back.

"To the concert I've been waiting forever for it to come!"

"What concert?"

"Just a concert, ma ma."

"Who's taking you?"

Another reply she is super protective. She already knows who Sekai's going with she just doesn't want her to leave yet.

"With Kristine!" Sekai shout back.

"Don't forget your pass!" She shouts.

"I'll be leaving then!" Sekai replies

Sekai takes her pony tail out and wrap the hair tie around her wrist.

Sekai Lin is a 12 year old girl, 7th grader, and an extremely hard worker. Her parents own the dinner Golden Dragon. Her uncle owns a hotel and her aunt owns a spa. Her relatives just work in one of those three places.

Sekai was running to her house which was about a mile or two from the restaurant to her house. She was pretty used to running a few miles. Once she got home she quickly changed, grabbed her notebook, pen, and her pass. Once the concert was over she would have to come back home, change and go right back to work as a waitress tonight.

The door bell rang.

"Sekai," It shouted behind the door, "Are you ready?"

"Coming!" She shouts back.

Sekai opened the door while adjusting her shoes.

"Wow. You do know that you don't have to wear such pretty clothing to a concert right?" Sekai's best friend asked.

"It's not even that pretty." Sekai said.

"Let's go, my mom's waiting in the car."

When the three arrive at the concert, there was a huge line. Luckily, VIP's like Sekai go through a different line. If you own a building that gives satisfactory then you will receive a pass. Sekai always goes through this line the guard trusts her and always lets her through without looking at her pass.

"I can't wait! I think I'm going to burst of happiness!" Kristine said jumping.

"I just can't wait to get my notebook signed." Sekai said looking at her notebook.

Sekai's notebook has all the information on her favorite bands/singers. The last page is the page they will sign on. At the end of every concert the band/singer will walk on an aisle. The crowd started screaming for the band Blossom to come out and perform. Sekai would too, but she's more of a different person.

Finally, the announcer said something that didn't quite reach Sekai's ear. The crowd slowly got quiet. When the band came out, they went nuts. They started performing Sekai's favorite song 'Love Will Blossom Once Again.' The band members Suna is more of a bad boy kind of guy, some say he is really mean. Next is Chun, He is in between bad boy and nice guy. Then there is Ken who is the sporty good guy. Lastly there is Subaru who's the nicest of them all. Sekai loves their music not how cute they are just the music. They are all 15 years old and took lessons of karate at a very young age together. That's how they knew each other.

When it was almost the end Sekai walked over to the velvet red rope that separates the aisle that the band will walk on and her. As the song came to an end the crowd wanted encores, but we all know there wasn't time.

"Sorry as much as we want to sing for you, we don't have time." Ken said.

"We really are sorry." Subaru apologized.

"We'll come back to New York City don't worry. It's one of our favorite cities." Suna said.

"We'll definitely come back." Chun said.

Sekai had her book ready along with her favorite pen. She has never had someone not sign her notebook before. She hopes it doesn't start today. Right then she felt someone looking at her. She looks in that direction. It was Chun starring at her! He quickly turned back to the audience. Sekai took a deep breath and hopped not to get nervous enough to drop everything. They all waved good bye and started to walk down the aisle. Sekai stuck her notebook out as soon as Chun was coming by. Sekai didn't make eye contact. She looked down.

"C-could you p-please sign my n-notebook?" Sekai stammered.

She felt a hand on her head.

She slightly looked up and back down again.

"Girls look better when they are smiling, not hiding." Chun said.

Sekai slowly looked up and the sides of her mouth slowly curved.

He took the pen out of her hand and began signing his name.

"By the color of your hair, I'm guessing you're Asian. Don't get offended, because I'm Asian, too." Chun said politely.

Sekai saw the girls by me make dirty looks at the corner of her eye

"Ah, signing a little girl's book. You know Chun; we have to be looking for girls our age not little eight year olds." Suna said.

"Before Suna starts fighting with you, do you want me to hold that for you?" Subaru asked coming this way along with Ken.

Sekai nodded. Chun handed her notebook to Subaru.

"What does that mean?" Suna asked getting mad.

Sekai knew a story like this before. A girl was hit by Suna for being rude to him. Well in his case he got offended. He first grabbed the collar of her shirt.

Sekai saw the hand quickly come at her. She quickly stopped it with her palm, but was pushed back a little.

"Ah, pretty tough for a kid like you." Suna said.

"I just don't want to get anyone hurt." Sekai responded very quietly.

"How about a little one on one?" Suna asked. Sekai looks at him in the eye.

"What about the guards?" Sekai ask.

"I'll just say I challenged you."

"I can't pass this rope."

"It's on me so quit your excuses and fight me!" He shouted.

"Suna would do anything for a fight." Chun said eyeing him too.

"What if you both get hurt really badly? It could ruin your reputation." Subaru said.

"Well that is true." Ken said.

Sekai crawls under the rope.

"Let's begin." Suna says in his stance.

"What if I don't know how to fight?" She asked innocently. She really didn't want to fight a super star.

"From the movement you did I'm sure you know." Suna said

"Don't you have somewhere to be?" She asked changing the subject.

"She's right we have to get to our hotel." Ken agreed.

"Are you sure you don't want my dirty peasant shoes on your clean royal clothes?" I ask. He wasn't going to change his mind.

Suna comes with a right punch. Sekai swayed he head to the right to dodge, grabbed his arm, and flipped him over.

"Is that the fight you wanted?" She asked.

Suna gets up saying, "You're just lucky I was caught off guard since you were a girl." He said. He reached inside his jacket and pulls out a rose.

"Until our next battle he says and he leaves.

"Remember girls look better when they smile." Chun says handing her a rose.

"That was great! I can't wait to see you again. I hope…" Ken says and he pulls out another rose and leaves like the rest.

"Here let me walk you to the exit so fans don't hurt you." Subaru says walking me to the exit.

"Don't forget this." Subaru hands Sekai her notebook and pen.

"Um. Thank you." Sekai say calmly.

"I knew you were a good girl. It's a good thing you're not hurt." Subaru says handing me a rose and he kisses her hand. As soon as he leaves she feels her face get hot.

She takes a deep breath. She also holds the roses and stares at them getting into separate black cars. Chun looks back at her and winks.

Sekai quickly gets her phone and calls Kristine.

"Hello? Sekai?" She answers.

"Kristine, go to the exit I'll be right there."

"How'd you get there?"

"Someone escorted me…?"

"We'll be there."

Soon enough Kristine and her mom are coming to the exit where Sekai can see them.

"What! Who gave you those roses?" Kristine asked.

"Blossom did…?" Sekai said scared. She knew her best friend would get super mad at her, but she had to tell the truth.

On the ride home Kristine kept asking questions of what happened. Of course Sekai answered them all.

Once Sekai got home she quickly changed and tied her hair with her hair tie that was on her wrist. It was given to her from her grandma. Sadly, her grandma passed a long time ago. Her favorite quote was, "In life there is no coincidence only a purpose." Sekai still believes in that quote. Her grandma was a fortune teller. She would close her eyes and think a little and the future came to her eyes. One day Sekai's grandma saw something. She saw that Sekai was all grown up and she was dancing with someone. Sekai was very happy. It was during her senior year prom dance. After a little dancing the windows broke and people filed in. Many of her classmates screamed out of the area. Sekai and the guys she was dancing with were there. She began fighting her usual ways, when all of a sudden a knife was stabbed through her. Sekai fell back.

"Go, run, hide, and get out of here." Sekai said full of pain.

"I won't leave without you." He shouted.

She spit some blood out.

"I can't make it out in time to get to the hospital. You need to get out of here now." Sekai said.

"I can't leave just yet." He demanded

"These guys are too strong… You'll get hurt…" She said.

He picked her up and carried her out of the room.

"You need to leave. Now." Sekai said trying to even out her breathing.

"I won't lose you."

"I can't stay forever." Sekai couldn't keep her eyes open.

"I can't stop the blood." He shouted.

She was already gone.

That was what her grandmother had seen. She died of a heart attack after that vision. During her time at the hospital, the last gift given to her was the hair tie. Sekai treasured this for a long time.

Sekai quickly ran down the streets, and in a few minutes she arrived at the restaurant.

"I'm here!" Sekai shouted walking in through the kitchen.

"You were almost a minute late." Her mother complains. (Note: Sekai talks in Chinese around her parents, siblings, and relatives.)

"I'm sorry." Sekai apologizes.

After every concert the restaurant gets packed with people.

This time Sekai sees a lot of crazed fans surrounding a black car. Trying to think it's not the band Blossom; she quickly grabbed dozens of order sheets, and starred out the window behind the front desk.

"It really is them." She says seeing their faces appear. Sekai thought that if her bangs could hide her face well enough they wouldn't suspect that she was the girl from the concert.

Quickly the fans came rushing in. In 30 seconds the room was packed. No empty seats were there. As soon as the band comes in a girl gives up her seat for them. Sekai walks around taking orders. Some of them don't know that you have to order something otherwise you have to leave. She quickly informs those who don't know.

Most wanted something to drink, nothing to eat. It was normal for those to do that because all they wanted to see was the band in this case. Sekai never had to take an order from someone famous.

She walks to the kitchen, grabs a large tray, and fills dozens of cups with water. Sekai walks out of the kitchen and takes the drinks to the customers.

"Excuse me." Says a guy's voice.

Sekai wished she wouldn't be so nervous around them. She knew it was her job, but she didn't want to see them after the concert at all. After all, in articles it says that they were very strong. They all met at karate lessons.

"I'll be right there." Sekai says not even turning around.

She walks up to her mother, "Can you have that table?" She asks kindly.

"Why they don't look that scary. One of them looks really nice actually." Her mother said.

"Please." Sekai pleaded repeatedly, but her mother said no every single time.

"Fine." Sekai said disappointed.

She walks over to the table while ducking her head so her bangs would completely cover her face.

"Hi, I will be your waitress. What would you like to drink?" Sekai asked.

"We would all like Pepsi." They decided before hand.

"Ok, I'll be right back."

Sekai grabs a tray and fills it with four cups of Pepsi. She grabs some menus and sets them on the tray along with the drinks. It was Ken and Subaru on the inside of the booth, and Suna and Chun on the outside.

She comes out and hands them their drinks and some menus.

"I'll be right back in a few minutes for you to decide." Sekai says turning around.

"No, it's fine." Suna says grabbing her arm.

Sekai turns back around with her pen and order sheet. She quickly scribbles down four Pepsi's and wait for them to decide.

"Ok we'll have the…" Chun began.

Sekai scribbles some more down on the order sheet that filled the entire page.

"It will be out very soon." Sekai said.

She went inside the kitchen and shouted the entire order in Chinese. Her mother helped her father and her uncle cook the food faster. Soon enough, the food was done. Sekai grabbed another tray and filled it with their orders. She came back out and found all the girls at the cash register ready to leave. She quickly set the tray of food on the counter and collected the money to excuse the girls and let them go home. The place was empty except the band was still here. Sekai brought the tray of food to them.

"Here you go." She said. "Is there anything else that I can do for you?"

"You can answer my question." Suna said.

"Ok?" She responded.

"Were you at the concert tonight?" He asked.

"No." I lied.

"Well it can't be possible since she was working here today." Subaru said.

"Yeah, but she looks so young to be working here." Ken said.

"Well it could be a family business." Chun said.

"It is a family business." Sekai said.

"Well, can you lift your face up?" Suna said impatient.

Sekai turns around, and right when she does someone pulls her hair and her hair tie falls to the ground.

"Please, enjoy your meal." She said as happy as she could. She walked into a wall and her apron fell off along with everything in it. She didn't bother getting she ran out the door.

Her head hurt really badly. Her hair was yanked, but that's what she says. She begins to run. Run home.

Though back at the restaurant,

"Suna, what did you do?" Chun asked.

"I thought I grabbed her shoulder, but I missed and I…" Suna said.

"Where's my daughter?" A women said coming out of the kitchen.

"She ran outside." Chun said.

"Oh, she probably went home by now." The women said.

"How far is your house?" Ken said.

"About two miles from here to there." Answered the women

"And she runs those two miles?" Suna asked.

"About 10 miles every day." The women said.

"Wow. How old is she?" Subaru asked.

"She's 12."

"A 12 year old running about 10 miles every day?" Chun said.

"She runs really fast. From here to our house she gets there in about 5 minutes."

"Oh wow." They said unison.

"Hey look at this." Chun said picking up a notebook.

"This looks like the notebook the girl had at the concert." Subaru said.

"Open it. You'll find yourself very surprised." The woman said.

"Wouldn't it be rude to do that though?" Subaru asked.

"With my permission it'll be fine."

They open the first page and it has the band's picture. They turn the page.

It has the lyrics of the first song they sang.

"Look at the date," Chun pointed, "It was the first time this song went to the public."

They turn the page. It was still the same song with the right lyrics.

It was written neatly and had the right lyrics on every page. Not to mention the date it first came out. On the second to last page it said:

I'm very happy that I was able to get the right lyrics by listening to it by myself. I worked so hard to figure it out the first day it came out. I hope they sign this notebook!

Then it had a cute little face. It was all written in English.

They turned to the last page. It said Autograph written at the top of the page.

Sadly it only had Chun's autograph.

"So that was the girl."Suna said.

"Do you have a pen we could borrow?" Ken asked.

To woman handed him a pen.

"Thank you."

Ken signed his name and paused.

"Do you know how to write in English?" He asked.

"No, but my daughter knows Japanese. You can write in Japanese." The woman said.

"How did you know we spoke Japanese? Aren't you Chinese?" Chun asked.

"Lucky guess." She said and left.

"When you're done hand me the pen." Suna said.

"Are you going to say sorry?" Subaru asked smiling.

"Hell no! It's not my fault that she ran off and left her notebook here." Suna shouted.

They all signed their names and left a little comment.

Later at Sekai's house, Sekai was sobbing. Her hair hurt the most. She wiped her tears away with the back of her hand. She looked at her white board. It had the schedule for her work days and where she was working.

"Tomorrow, Hotel." She whispered.

All she does is sit in this little room and sing songs. Her uncle doesn't buy CD's because he doesn't know what people like these days. It helps Sekai with her choir practices. Sekai quickly takes a shower and goes to her room. She sits down on her little chair and does her homework.

Soon, she hears knocking on her door.

"Who is it?" I asked. "Ma ma?"

"Yes, yes. The boys at the restaurant told me to give this too you." Her mother said.

"My notebook!" She says smiling.

"Look at the last page." Her mother says leaving.

Sekai flips to the last page and reads the comments they left.

Chun: Don't forget to smile! I'm very sorry about Suna actions.

Ken: I wish to see you again! Hopefully in a better way.

Subaru: I'm very sorry for looking through your journal! I tried to stop them!"

Suna: Yo! Next time we meet I want a rematch, the prize. Your hair tie.

Then it had their signatures.

Sekai set the book aside and tried to finish up her homework. Soon she drifts asleep.