The Full Ante (R)

High school relationships that survive graduation take on new and unexplored aspects. When I was dating Maizie in high school our relationship was fairly routine and constant. We did the high school thing together and we had sex when we got the chance but we were both living at home and focusing on other aspects of our lives like our friends and our interests and our families.

Once we were out of high school, we were freer to following our own interests and desires without as much input or resistance from our parents. Sure, there were still rules about living under their roofs but Maizie and I experienced new freedoms and leeway to live our lives the way we wanted and to explore our relationship in new ways.

We knew that high school relationships rarely survive beyond the safe confines of that existence but we were both determined to give ours the best possible chance for success. We honestly did care for one another and we loved one another. We were committed to our future together and we even decided to go to the same college so we could be together.

Maizie's best friend Annie went to Green College too. The campus was in the western part of the state about an hour and a half from our hometown – far away enough so we were on our own but close enough so we could get home in quick time if we wanted to attend some party or football game or to see our family.

Maizie and Anna were dorm roommates for the first two years at Green while I ended up rooming with a guy named Chip Rogers from eastern New York State. Thankfully, Chip and I got along great and Freshman year turned out to be a lot of fun and everything I expected it to be.

Maizie and I were able to continue and expand our relationship away from the barriers of high school and out from the watchful eye of our parents. We were happy to be together as we experienced the new and exciting aspects of college life, meeting new people, making new friends, and getting used to the independence and self-responsibility of college without our parents nagging us or checking up on us.

Blue County was a nice place to go to college. Greenville was a small and pretty New England town and the Green College campus was one of old brick buildings, green lawns, and huge old Maple trees. All three of us went home after Freshman year and got summer jobs, still spending time together and Maizie and I continued to mature and explore our relationship.

We returned to Green for Sophomore year and I began to notice some subtle changes in both Maizie and our relationship. She loved the thrill of college classes and listening to the lectures. She was entranced by some of the worldly college professors on campus and she was fascinated by the wide diversity and background of our fellow students. She began getting involved in different activities, she took on a part time job, and she started to blow me off sometimes, sacrificing some of our traditions (Friday night pizza, Sunday afternoon walks, etc.) for other commitments and interests.

I was busy making new friends and enjoying the college experience too but a part of me was a little bit miffed and hurt by Maizie's expanding horizons and new interests, some of which didn't include me. I saw her hanging around with some guy a few times and I wondered if she was getting ready to dump me, bored after two years of high school romance and a year of college togetherness. Maybe we were starting to outgrow each other and maybe our relationship wasn't meant to last forever.

Annie and Maizie had talked for almost a year about leaving the dorms after sophomore year and getting an apartment together to save money and get away from the dorm mentality. It had always been assumed that I would move in with them and share Maizie's bed with her as we took our relationship to the next higher level but by the time the end of sophomore year rolled around I got the feeling that Maizie was having second thoughts about that idea.

We went home for a second year of summer jobs and Maizie and Annie did get an apartment together and Maizie almost reluctantly (it seemed to me) agreed to let me move in too. I had been waiting a couple of years for this exciting moment in our relationship, moving in together (even if Annie would be there too), sharing a bed, making love whenever we wanted, and learning all the intimidate details about each other but Maizie didn't seem to share the same enthusiasm and anticipation as I did. I sensed that she was ready to move on to a new part of her life that didn't involve me.

There was tension between us as we returned to Green College for our Junior Year even though we moved in together (with Annie). Maizie seemed to resent having me around and we started arguing and fighting more often than not. I got the sense that she really didn't want to be with me anymore and by October I was beginning to think that maybe I should start looking for another place to live.

My old roommate Chip had also moved out of the dorms, renting an apartment with a couple of other guys a few blocks away and I was thinking maybe I would couch surf there for a while if Maizie continued to give me the cold shoulder and brush off. It had gotten to the point that we were hardly speaking to one another or communicating important details of our lives to each other. She went home one weekend without even telling me and she switched her major without mentioning it to me either.

Annie and Maizie told me that they were having a gir'ls night one evening and they asked me if I could stay away from the apartment until at least one in the morning so they could have their female bonding time. I agreed, arranging a guys night out with Chip but our plans went array when Chip's girlfriend called with some sort of emotional crisis and Chip left me hanging after we left the movie theatre. We were supposed to go crash some frat party but Chip dumped out on me.

I decided to go home. I figured I'd go hide in the bedroom and not disturb the girl's night. I knew Maizie was annoyed as soon as I stepped through the apartment door.

"What the hell are you doing here?" She demanded. "You agreed to stay away."

"Chip dumped out on me," I explained, feeling hurt that Maizie didn't even greet me with a smile or a kiss. "I'm tired. I'm going to bed. Don't let me disturb you guys."

I heard some embarrassed giggling and shuffling among the girls coming from the living room. I peeked my head in and saw Annie and a couple of other coeds I didn't recognize but they both looked to be about our age.

"Want to play strip poker with us?" The tall blonde asked with a snicker.
I hesitated, wondering what they were up to. I glanced at Maizie and I realized all four of them were both drunk and high. The smell of pot hung in the air and there were several bottles of booze on the tables and floor.
The blonde especially seemed to be in a mood for mischief as she stepped closer and put her arms around me. "We promise it will be a real interesting game," she purred and I could feel her pointed breasts rubbing against my chest.

"Oh, I'm sure its girls only," I said, feeling slightly embarrassed as I threw Maizie a look of help.

"It might be fun," the other girl I didn't know said with a laugh. "I'm Jessie, by the way."

"Hello, Jessie," I said with a smile. "But it probably isn't a good idea."

"What's the matter, chicken?" It was Annie making the remark and I turned to her with surprise.

I had known Annie since seventh grade and the thought of seeing her naked after all these years was intriguing to say the least.

"Don't make dares on deals you can't close," I warned her.

"Oh, I bet you're all talk no action," the blonde said.
"And who are you again?" I inquired.

"I'm Lois," she giggled.

"You do realize I'm Maizie's boyfriend, right?" I said.

"So you won't be revealing anything to her she hasn't seen before," Lois laughed.

I threw a glance at Maizie who had a look of indifference on her face which pretty much summed up the status of our relationship the last few months.

"You in or not?" Maizie asked, sounding bored by the whole thing.

I took her remark as a challenge and a dare so I decided to push back.

"Well, let's see how far we get," I challenged as I followed Maizie and Lois into the living room.

All five of us sat down on the soft carpet covering the floor. Maizie sat to my left and she brought out a pack of cards from her pocket. She started shuffling them as I glanced to my right his right and saw that Jessie was next to me with her golden-skinned appearance and her long brunette hair. Lois sat next to her and Annie was across from me looking me with an amused smirk on her face.

Maizie handed me the cards and after I cut them, I dealt five cards each and the game started.

Jessie lost the first two hands but all that cost her was a pair of socks.

"That's not fair, Jessie," Lois complained. "Me and Annie were both barefooted from the start."
"So? Too late now," Jessie replied. "You two should have said something before we started. Besides, you're wearing a bra and I'm not."
It was quite evident that she wasn't because her nipples were clearly visible through the thin fabric of her blouse.

"And how about you, Maizie, what do you have under that fancy dress of yours?" Jessie giggled.
Maizie was wearing a short red off-the-shoulders dress with black pantyhose covering her legs. "Soon enough you'll know," she said with a seductive grin. "Let's get on with it. I want to see some action. Come on, Jim, you deal again."
I did as I was told and the game went on. In the next few hands, I quickly lost both my socks and my shirt. Jessie offered to help me with the shirt and I let her do
the honors. I figured now was my chance to see if Maizie might get jealous or feel threatened or say something so I didn't stop Jessie when she started stroking the hair on my chest while unbuttoning the shirt.
Jessie lost her shorts next and I couldn't help but notice her ass through the lacy panties she was wearing underneath. Lois lost next and she had to take off her jeans but she declined my joking offer to help. Maizie lost her pantyhose during the next hand and then Lois lost again. I tried not to stare too obviously when she took hold of her t-shirt and started to lift it over her head, her slender hands revealing a widening band of golden skin around her waist. But she noticed my glance anyway and she returned a smile at the same time shy and inviting.
Next, Annie lost for the first time. With an embarrassed smile, she reached under her skirt and pulled down her pants, giving me a brief glimpse of her long slender thighs and just a hint of curly pubic hair before the skirt fell down again.

All four girls continued to drink through the card game and I had popped down a few hits myself. Annie then lost twice more in succession, first taking off her blouse and then moving over to me and asking me to unclasp her bra. I glanced at Maizie who gave no indicated if she cared or not so I reached around to Annie's back, opened the bra clasp and slid the garment forwards with my hands underneath, feeling the smooth silky texture of her skin under my fingertips but when my hands approached the round curves of her breasts, Annie quickly moved out of my reach.
"You can look but you can't touch, Jimmy," she warned.

Annie shook her shoulders making the bra fall to the floor and my eyes riveted to the movements of her proud naked breasts with the small hard red nipples making a nice contrast with the pale creamy skin. I couldn't believe I was seeing my girlfriend's best friend topless but she was apparently too drunk to care. Again, I glanced at Maizie for some sort of signal or look but she was blank faced as she took another swig from her glass.

We played another hand and this time it was Jessie's turn to show what caused the
strain on her blouse buttons. She slowly undid one button after the other and when all were open she turned to me with an inviting smile.

"Could you help me, Jim?" She asked nicely.

"Oh, I don't think that's necessary," I replied nervously.

"Please?" Jessie purred.

I glanced at Maizie. "Go ahead," my girlfriend dared.
I put my hands inside Jessie's blouse, around her waist and then moved them slowly upwards, stopped for a moment cupping the swellings of her breasts with my
thumbs on her nipples. Then I let my hands continue softly over her generous breasts and on upwards, sliding the blouse off her shoulders and down her arms and then I moved my hands back to her waist and I could hear her breathing quicken.

"We're going to play the pants off you, big boy," Maizie told me and it sounded more like a threat then anything else.

Was she pissed off at me for feeling Jessie up? Jealous? Or she did not give a shit at all?
Maizie was dealt another losing hand and down came her panties from under her dress and all she was now wearing was her short dress with nothing but her round firm body underneath and I felt strangely turned on for the first time in a long time.

I lost the next hand and Maizie seemed to take great delight in this.

"I told you you'd lose," Maizie laughed as she knelt before me. "Stand up," she ordered.

I did so and she started to undo my jeans but before she could pull them down, I felt several more hands sliding inside the waistband. It was Lois trying to help out and Maizie didn't seem to protest as Lois slowly and tantalizingly pulled my jeans off and I felt my dick pushing against the restraint of the boxer shorts I was wearing underneath.

I kept waiting for Maizie to stop this madness but she didn't seem to be interested in doing that in the slightest and I was beginning to feel extremely uncomfortable knowing one more lost hand and I was in deep trouble in front of these four drunk women.
Lois lost again and she pulled her t-shirt over her head revealing that she was wearing nothing whatsoever underneath. Her small firm breasts were the same golden color as the rest of her skin with the aureoles a darker chocolate brown. All that she had left now was a pair of small white cotton panties.
I couldn't help but look admiringly at the breasts just revealed, caressing their curves with my eyes as Jessie to my right shuffled the cards for the next round of this suddenly daring game.
"Who's ready to be stark naked when you lose again?" Annie giggled, taking another long drink from her glass.
I let my gaze wander downwards over her round breasts with their erect
nipples, down to the still concealed patch between her legs, and up to her breasts again.
"We can call it quits now if you want," I announced, hoping somebody would come to their senses.

The others laughed at me. "We're in it to win," Lois laughed.

"Or lose, we don't care," Jessie giggled.
"You ready to chicken out?" Maizie asked, almost with distain in her voice. Maybe she was hoping I would bail first since one more loss from her and her dress was gone.

I stared at her feeling anger and annoyance. Why had she let things get this far in the first place? What in the hell was she thinking? What did she expect me to do? "I'm in," I replied curtly, willing to confront my girlfriend in this weird showdown. Let her blink first.

"We're serious," Annie warned me. "This is a big leagues poker game, Jim. Do you really have the balls to go all the way?"

"You're okay with this?" I asked Maizie with a frown.

"You're the one who came home early," she replied with a shrug.
"And what if I lose again?" I asked.
"Then you get naked," Maizie explained.
"You're making this all up," I reasoned. "This is all some sort of joke to see how far I'll go before somebody chickens out, right?"

Nobody said anything in reply. I stared at each of the drunken girls trying to figure out if this was some sort of perverted gag or if they were so drunk they had lost command of their senses. I felt a mounting excitement as I dealt the cards for the next round figuring I'd call their bluff. I looked around at the four girls, Maizie in her red dress with a unreadable look on her face and Annie in her skirt but topless. Lois
was also topless and looking a bit shy, perhaps less experienced (or daring) than the others. Lois met my eyes and I smiled at her, receiving a soft appealing smile in return before she looked away.

When they showed their cards, Maizie giggled. "Looks like this is it..." She stood up facing me and I figured she meant the game was over and we had reached the final joke. I rose as well and I put my hands on her shoulders.

"Go ahead," she dared.

"In front of everybody?" I asked nervously.

"I don't quit the game," she replied.

So I slowly pulled down her dress. It slid easily downwards, spilling out
her perfect high round breasts and she stood perfectly still, shivering slightly as I grazed my lips with my tongue.

"You're as beautiful as ever, Maizie," I let her know.

"Prove it," she dared.
I bent over and rubbed my tongue over her nipples and then I pulled the dress further down, over her hips. A bush of curly dark hair peeked over the edge and I let my mouth follow the dress, breathing softly on her snatch as it was gradually revealed. Released, the dress fell to the floor and I cupped the cheeks of her ass in my hands as I kept up the light breeze on her pussy, feeling her musky aroma. She moaned softly, moving her hips towards me but I released my grip and sat down again, suddenly embarrassed to be almost making love to my girlfriend in front of three other women.

"Oh my god, is that ever hot!" Jessie squealed.

Maizie gave me a funny look as she sat down completely naked and out of the game.
Annie was the next to lose and she cursed, throwing down her cards. She stood up and she started to undo her tight skirt.

"You don't have to, Annie," I let her know.

"Of course she does!" Jessie replied. "She lost."

"You don't have to," I repeated, giving my long time friend a way out not sure if I really wanted to see her naked and vulnerable, especially in front of my girlfriend.

Annie shrugged helplessly, giving me an almost victimized look before she pulled the skirt down over her hips in one brisk motion and then she sat down again. Her pubic hair was blond, thin and silky and if she was embarrassed to be naked in front of me, a guy she had know since seventh grade, she didn't say anything so I smiled my reassurance at her.

I couldn't believe any of this was actually happening. Maizie and Annie would never do something like this back home. But now, as a drunken college co-ed, there were no rules. I stared at my girlfriend with disbelief but she wouldn't give me much eye contact in return.
And then it was my turn to lose my pants. Jessie was chosen for the honor.

"Are you guys really sure about this?" I asked with concern.

"You chickening out?" Lois asked with a frown.

I looked at Maizie for guidance. "Maizie?"

"You're the one who came home early," she said again. "I told you it was girl's night."

"You don't care if everybody sees your boyfriend's dick?" I asked.

Maizie shrugged indifferently and the red warning lights were flashing in my head signaling our relationship was on the rocks. Maizie was kind of the jealous type in high school who didn't like me flirting with girls even when there was nothing to it.

I glanced at Annie who smiled seductively as she sat naked on the floor as unbelievable as that seemed. And then Jessie put her hands inside my boxers, taking a firm hold of my dick and releasing it from captivity before she pulled my shorts further down while kneeling at the same time, letting her full breasts slide over my now raging hard-on. Her lips ended up around it for a quick kiss.
"Ooooh, look at that!" Lois exclaimed. "I can't wait to get my hands
on it!"
"Just your hands, Lois?" Jessie asked teasingly.
This was definitely twilight zone stuff to me and I looked at Maizie with disbelief. She had been a wallflower in high school, modest, humble, shy, even a little timid and now here she was naked in front of three other girls watching somebody else touching her boyfriend's penis. What had college done to her?

I threw a confused look at Annie who sat there with her legs spread showing me her pussy lips, this girl who was as quiet and respectable as Maizie in high school now being a unabashed exhibitionist. Lois sat transfixed, staring straight at my erect member apparently unable to tear her eyes away from it, a look of desire on her face.

"Snap out of your dreams, Lois," Jessie laughed. "Time for some strip-tease."

"But I didn't lose," Lois protested.

"Game's over,' Jessie announced. "Everybody gets naked now."
Lois hesitated and then she started to pull down her pants, pushing them lower under her white pants and pulling them down slowly and carefully. Suddenly she stood naked before us, her long dark hair cascading down her back with just the faintest wisp of
blonde hair covering her pussy, the thin, rose-colored lips clearly visible. I checked my breathing eyeing Lois's golden skin and slender body.

Jessie giggled and stripped off her pants an inch at a time, standing with her pussy right in front of me as she stood there nude with her legs spread wide proudly displaying her splendid body. She spun around like a ballerina so I could see all of her.

But all of this was so wrong and I was trying to figure out if Maizie was trying to trick me or trap me, hoping I would do something disgusting, perverted or unforgivable so she could dump me for cause. Or, if I stopped this strangely developing orgy, she could have the satisfaction of calling me a chicken with no guts or glory.

Okay, Maizie wins.

"This is perverted and wrong," I said out loud as I gently pushed Jessie away from me and pulled up my boxers and jeans while looking around for my shirt. "I don't know what you were trying to do here, Maizie, but count me out."

"Ah, that's no fun," Jessie pouted. "I was hoping to get laid."

"You're all obviously drunk and high and stoned and delusional and sexually overdosed," I said. "I don't know what got into you tonight but all four of you are nuts."

"I told you we were having girl's night," Maizie reminded me. "Why'd you come home for?"

"I wish I hadn't," I admitted with a sigh, glancing at Annie who was staring at me a dazed look on her face. "Geez, Annie, what were you thinking?"

"I'm thinking I'm drunk and high and in the morning I'm going to hate myself," Annie admitted with a giggle. "But right now I don't care about anything. I saw your cock and you saw my pussy and I'm okay with that."

"Well, I'm not," I remarked. "This is sick and perverted."

"It's college, Jimmy," Jessie laughed. "None of it is real or matters. There are no rules, no consequences. Do what you want and then pretend it never happened."

"If you live," I muttered.

"You think too much," Lois agreed as she lowered her finger toward her twat. "We're just having fun. It doesn't count or mean anything even. I probably won't even remember it tomorrow I'm so drunk!" She laughed.

"Good night, ladies," I said, retreating to the bedroom with my head spinning.

I wished it had been just some strange sex orgy dream and that when I woke up it was all my own secret fantasy and not some drunken college reality. I stripped down to my underwear and collapsed on the bed trying to figure out if my relationship with Maizie was over. Even if she didn't dump me, did I really want to stay with her after this strange and sick night?

I thought back to our first kiss in her back yard at the end of 10th grade. She was so shy and reserved that it was cute. It took me almost a year to convince her to go skinny dipping with me and she stripped down in the dead of night behind a tree before covering her tits and privates with her arms and hands. All I really saw that first time was her cute bare butt as she ran by me and jumped into the pool.

We had been a normal teenage couple, fighting our hormones and desires until we finally succumbed to our temptations and awkwardly took each other's virginity during Christmas vacation of our senior year in high school. We didn't know what we were doing that first time. She cried and I felt inadequate fearing I was a rotten lover. It got a little bit better as the rest of the year went on as we became more confident with our love making abilities and continued to build on our relationship, convinced that we loved each other and would always be together.

Then our storybook innocence ended with high school graduation when we were forced into the real world and all our inhibitions, restrictions and parental influences were lifted. College was a whole new world with new feelings, new temptations, and new attitudes that gradually changed us.

Annie was getting drunk every weekend and bringing some new guy back to the apartment after having one steady boyfriend all through high school. Maizie took to swearing and cursing in her conversations, dropping the F bomb as if it was a common adjective. She was the one in high school who was clingy with me but here at Green College she had progressively lost interest in our relationship and I was the one who was trying to hold on to her.

I thought girl's night was her excuse to get rid of me for another night. I don't know what would have happened out there if I hadn't come home early. Would they still have played strip poker together? Had some drunken lesbian naked orgy? Or did the idea come up when I came through the door?

And why didn't Maizie care that the other girls saw me naked or that Jessie was about five seconds away from giving me a blow job? Was she that over me? Would she have let me fucked Jessie or Lois or even Annie if any of them had asked?

What happened to us and our innocence? Was college meant to be one long perverted party with no consequences or responsibilities? Was I just supposed to pretend tomorrow that none of this ever happened when I sat at the kitchen table with Annie remembering how her breasts and pussy looked? What was I supposed to say to Lois or Jessie if our paths crossed on the campus? 'Nice seeing you again'?

I thought going away to college with my high school sweetheart was going to allow us to expand our relationship and discover our deep love for each other. I had a fantasy about living as a couple in an apartment and being happy in enjoyable romantic love. I never once imagined that I would be participating in a drunken orgy with her or that our relationship would be so full of distance and tension that I was ready to let her go.

Suddenly, I hated college.

I was almost asleep when I heard Maizie come into the room. She slipped into the bed as my back was to her.

"Jimmy?" She whispered.

"You're still drunk," I mumbled. "Go to sleep."

"Are you mad at me?" she asked.

"Where's the rest of the sexual troupe?" I asked sarcastically.

"Lois passed out on the couch. Jessie is sharing the bed with Annie."

"They're not having sex are they?" I frowned.

"No, of course not," Maizie assured me. "We're all heterosexual. We were just fooling around."

"Great," I mumbled.

"You are mad at me, aren't you?"

"No," I lied.

"Do you hate me?"

I hesitated for a moment. "No," I answered, not sure if that was a lie too.

"I'm sorry for what I did," she admitted softly.

"Why did you do it then?" I asked, still not able to look at her.

"I don't know," she sighed. "We were talking guys and sex and all that stuff before you got here," she explained. "We were pretty well drunk and all the talk made us horny, I guess."

I rolled over and glanced at her. "Do you still love me?" I wanted to know.

"Yes, of course, she sighed. "You are my constant."

"Then what's going on between us?"

"I don't know," she admitted. "There's just much so much new territory here. I feel liberated and unrestricted, like I can do anything I want."

"Including hurt me?" I asked.

"No, not intentionally," she sighed. There was a long pause. "I didn't mean too and I'm sorry."

"Didn't you care that Jessie wanted to suck me off?" I wanted to know, hurt by Maize's indifference.

"I'm not sure,' she admitted. "It would have been interesting to watch, maybe."

"Would you have cared if they fucked me?"

"It felt like a turn on," Maizie told me. "I wasn't sure what I was feeling."

"Go to sleep," I advised, turning my back to her.

"Don't you want to make love tonight after that show out there?" She asked with surprise. "Aren't you as horny and turned on as I am?"

"You're drunk, Maizie. It's best that you go to sleep."

I tried to go to sleep but I felt Maizie moving around next to me in the bed and after a few minutes I realized that she was breathing heavier. I turned to see that she had kicked the covers off and that she was naked, moving one hand down to her spread legs and giving me a good look at her pussy before her hand reached her most sensitive
parts and a loud moan escaped from her lips. She had never done something like this in front of me before so boldly.

I rolled over and pressed my hard-on against her shapely posterior as she turned her back to me and I brought my hands around and up front, holding and caressing her breasts. Her breathing got faster as I brought one hand downwards, leaving the
other one playing with one of her nipples. I gently pushed her hand away and touched her soft pubic curls and then I continued down, feeling the silky skin on the inside of her thighs and then I brought my hand upwards again, spreading her legs apart, touching her lips, feeling her wetness, probing carefully with one finger between the labia before withdrawing again and releasing her completely as she rolled back and melted into my embrace with a soft sigh, pressing the entire length of her body against mine and slowly moving her hips against me.

I held her gently for a moment and then I moved my hands downwards, caressing every inch of golden skin, her breasts, her stomach, her hips, her thighs and
slender legs. When I finished she was trembling.

"This is the way it's always supposed to be between us," I whispered but I was having trouble controlling my own breathing now and my cock was understandably throbbing.

"I'm really not that drunk, Jimmy," Maizie told me. "It's been a while since we made love that really mattered."

"Does it matter tonight?" I asked.

"More than ever," she assured me.
Maizie pushed me flat on my back and I could barely keep from crying out loud as she applied her expert hands to my balls and dick. I reached out and rubbed her mound with my hand and then I played with her clit, eliciting a loud moan from her as two of my fingers entered her moist hole. She squirmed under my hands, jutting her hips upwards and she kept on panting and moving for a long while as we both brought each other to pleasure.
When she climaxed, Maizie cried out and put her arms around me, pulling me
closer. Side by side now, I entered her pussy and it was tight around my cock as I slowly moved it in and out of her. It almost felt like the first time all over again and Maizie, a much improved lover all these years later even if she was drunk, moved her hips following my movements and a moan came from her lips with every stroke. As I increased the pace, her moans became louder, changing into pure cries of joy and pleasure as she came in a shuddering orgasm.
As I pulled out, she lay back panting, her chest heaving. "I really do love you, Jimmy," she said with sincerity. "You're my first and my only."

"Can we get back to where we were before all this strange shit started happening?" I asked. "I just want us to be the couple we always were. I'm not saying you can't enjoy college and do the things you want but all this sex stuff is just too weird for me."

"I don't want other girls looking at your dick," Maizie admitted. "I don't want you fucking anybody else but me."

"I feel the same way," I said, giving her a kiss.

"Maybe they're right," Maizie said hopefully. "Maybe in the morning nobody will remember any of this or they'll just pretend it never happened."

"I doubt it," I mumbled.

"What do you mean?"

"Are you going to forget any of what happened out there?" I challenged.

"I'm going to try," she said with a groan. "That was the dumbest and most embarrassing thing I've ever done."

"So why did you do it?"

I have no idea," she revealed honestly. "I guess I just wasn't thinking."

"Maybe you shouldn't drink so much," I suggested.

"That could be part of it," she agreed with a laugh.

We fell asleep in each other's arms and while I was feeling okay in the morning waking up next to my naked girlfriend just like I always envisioned, Maizie wasn't in such great shape, feeling hung over and 'strangely violated' as she phrased it as she stumbled to the bathroom.

When I went out into the living room, Lois was still lying bared ass naked on her stomach on the couch, hopelessly passed out. I checked to make sure she was still breathing and then put a throw blanket over her. Later, she finally woke up and went into the bathroom to throw up. She quietly dressed and left the apartment without saying a word.

Jessie eventually made her way out of Annie's bedroom looking like death warmed over. She didn't have much to say either as she gathered her stuff and left, not quite looking me in the eyes the whole time.

I didn't see Annie for several days which was strange since we lived in the same apartment and, as predicted, the strip poker girls night (with me as a special guest star) was never mentioned – we all acted as if it had never happened but I had a hard time looking at Annie the same way again having seen her completely in the raw.

Strangely, my relationship with Maizie was better than ever. We renewed our commitment to one another and she was much more attentive toward me and interested in what I was doing. Our communication became much better and we spent more time together around campus. I guess it was just something we had to get through and figure out for ourselves. I don't think Maizie was particularly proud of her behavior and I really didn't see Lois or Jessie after that night. I think Maizie realized they weren't the kind of girls she wanted to be hanging around with.

Things between Maizie, Annie and me were okay too. Our friendships were much too strong and long to let one awkward transgression come between us and in some ways I felt closer to Annie then ever before. How could I not when I had seen the most intimate parts of her?

Every time we went home for a visit and our parents asked us how college was going, we would smile and nod our head and say "Great" knowing we had made the full ante and survived.