Navy Shower (PG-13)

I was one of the lucky ones who got sent back to the base early from our three week detachment as part of the advanced working party. It was my job to get the barracks ready for the return of the squadron and to help out the other guys in the hangar getting things ready there too.

As it so happened I was the only one who was living in the barracks so I had the place to myself for another day until the rest of the guys got back. Technically, I wasn't supposed to be in the building alone without a fire watch but I figured nobody would know so who cares?

It did feel kind of weird being in the barracks alone, especially late at night when the old building creaked and sighed and made other funny noises but I didn't believe in ghosts and I knew the place was empty to I didn't worry about it.

I woke up on Sunday morning to get ready to report to the hangar at 1100 hours with the rest of the working party. I walked sleepily down the passageway toward the small shower room. It was only a little after 0800 but I couldn't sleep and I wanted to get to the chow hall before breakfast hours closed at 0900. All I had on was a towel and my shower shoes carrying my bath kit.

I stepped into shower room, dumped my stuff on the counter shelf, took a leak, hung the towel on the hook outside the open communal stall and stepped into the large open stall with my soap, washcloth and shampoo.

I turned on the water and proceeded to adjust the heat of the water. The barracks were old so it required adjustments of the tap with careful attention to the sound of the air bubbles in the hot water pipe and split-second reflexes because this shower head had a

tendency to flip upwards and off its stalk if too big an air block got through it.

I began to soap up when I felt a presence in the room. My eyes were lathered up and the stall was emanating copious amounts of steam so I really didn't see anything at first but I did smell soap and some sort of feminine scent. I was confused because I thought I was the only one in the entire building.

"Can I borrow some shampoo?"

The voice was surprisingly female. I opened my eyes and was shocked to see Personnel man Second Class Sherri Franklin standing under the shower head next to me, stark naked.

Sherri belonged to our shore based sister squadron that shared the hangar with us and she lived in the Women's Barracks across the yard. She was known to be a pecker checker and a bit of a slut when it came to dating guys on base. She had dated at least three of my shipmates in the last several months.

Sherri was actually pretty good looking (with her clothes on) – and when she was out of uniform (that is, in civilian clothes) she was even more attractive. When she let her long black hair down from the bun required to meet uniform standards it fell half way down her back.

I saw her mostly in uniform but even then she had a tight figure a solid rear and a nice rack. The first time I saw her in civilian clothes I barely recognized her. She wore attractive skin tight jeans mostly with halter tops and other loose fitting blouses.

I had some professional interaction with Sherri (as Personnelman Second Class Franklin) because I had a similar job in my squadron and sometimes I would go across the hangar to pick Sherri's brain on various Navy requirements or to drop off paperwork since our squadrons shared working parties and other activities.

I also saw Sherri around the base, usually in the chow hall (dining facility) or at the Enlisted Club at night. She seemed like a nice enough person but she never really paid attention to me since there thousands of guys around to pick from and I definitely wasn't the pick of the litter. Now she was standing next to me in the nude and I stared at her full breasts and watched the water dripping down her stomach and through her pubic hair.

There was no point in running or trying to cover myself up. She was standing six feet away from me and had already seen everything there was to see.

"What in the hell are you doing in here?" I asked with disbelief.

"Lieutenant Matthews called us yesterday," she giggled. "I heard you were coming back early with the other guys and I thought you might be here."

"So you came over to take a shower?"

"No, I came over to ask you how Stinger was doing and I heard the shower going," she laughed. "I figured what the hell. I haven't showered yet today!"

"Are you dating Stinger now?" I asked.

"Not really," she admitted. "But I'd like to."

Stinger was a good looking and popular guy in my squadron.

I handed her my bottle of shampoo, not knowing what else to say or do.

"Thanks," she said with appreciation, turning away from me so I could see her perfect ass.

Sherri dumped some of the shampoo out of the bottle and into her hand and then began lathering up her hair. I stood there in total amazement watching the sexist sight I had ever had the pleasure to watch and when I finally got my focus back I duly adjusted my water supply, wetted my washcloth, and took in a generous eye-opening blast of water.

I realized I had to be nuts not to make an advance on Sherri who was soaping up a few feet away from me but I wasn't that kind of guy. I was shy and timid and the fact that I was sharing a shower with a naked female shipmate was so beyond my comprehension that I was at a loss for words and I certainly wasn't going to try to put the moves on her although I know most of my buddies would have asked "Why not?"

It wasn't every day that I got to see a naked chick in person let alone standing six feet away from me all soaped up and I couldn't help but stare at her lovely naked beauty.

"Excuse me, Saunders, but haven't you ever seen a naked broad before?" Sherri asked when she felt my eyes stuck on her.

"N-n-ot r-r-really," I admitted, quickly degenerating into what seemed to be an embarrassed stream of babbling stuttering, and "uh"ing, punctuated with multiple instances of "sorry..." and "I thought..." and "I..." and "Well, could I just...?"

"Could you what?" Came her somewhat amused reply as she turned to look me full in the face.

"Well, could I have my shampoo back?" I asked. "That is if you're done with it. If you don't mind... I mean if it's not too much..."

"Sure," she agreed easily, handing me back the bottle.

I barely broke my eyes away from hers naked body, just barely escaping the temptation of the inviting sight of her wet body and as I reached out to take the shampoo bottle I lost my balance and stumbled, lurching toward in an effort to grab on to something to break my fall but she instinctively stepped back instead of forward and I went tumbling down. One of my flailing arms hit her breast and my chin rubbed along her thigh and hip as she turned to avoid a collision and my other hand literally slapped her on the ass as I fell to the floor in a belly flop that echoed through the shower.

"Are you okay?" Sherri asked with concern as the shampoo bottle flew from my hands like a fumbled football and rolled across the stall.

I looked up and all I saw was her pubs and her pussy lips along with the crack of her ass as I was basically lying underneath her and looking up at her personals.

"Yeah, I'm not hurt," I mumbled. "Sorry about that," I said as I picked myself up from the soapy wet floor.

Sherri bent over with her back to me to pick up the shampoo bottle and I saw things I'd never saw before. She bent back up and turned around to face me, holding forth the shampoo bottle.

"Do you want to try that again?" She laughed.

"Thanks," I replied, reaching out more carefully this time to take the bottle from her hand.

I quickly lathered up and washed my short Navy haircut before putting the bottle on the shelf . Picking up my washcloth and soap, I began lathering his body, starting with my chest and arms and working my way down. As I brushed my now wilting organ (when had it been erect? I hadn't noticed I was hard before. Did Sherry?), the image of Sherri clad in nothing but shining streams of water came rushing back to my mind and my organ was now definitely on the way up, again.

Of course, I didn't have to imagine her. She was standing right in front of me

completely open to my view, now raising her arm up and opening her mouth.

"Can I use your soap?" she asked.

"Sure, sure," I agreed, quickly checking the bar to make sure there wasn't any pubic hair stuck on it.

Sherri took a step closer to me to avoid another one of my pratfalls and I reached out to hand her the slippery bar of soap. She leaned in and I thrust the bar into her hand while taking one more quick and embarrassed but unavoidable look at her nicely shaped

breasts that were now much closer and even down at her pussy hair before she laughed and turned back to the shower spray.

I was done with my shower but why leave? I could stand there looking at my naked shipmate all day long. Even now, with her back to me, I stared at her lovely ass, so firm and round and inviting. There was still a red mark on her right cheek where I accidentally slapped her during my fall and how I wanted to reach out again and cup her lovely bun and give it a squeeze.

Sherri finished soaping up and washing off and then she handed the bar of soap back to me and for some sick reason I glanced at it to see if any of her pubic hair was on it!

It was Sherri who turned off her shower first and she walked toward the open door to the outer room.

"You don't mind if I borrow your towel do you, Saunders?" Sherri asked as she reached up and took my towel off the hook.

"No, sure, go ahead," I replied, turning off my shower head and walking out of the stall behind her with my washcloth, shampoo and soap.

The unforgettable Sherri was just bringing her towel down from her chest to her legs and bending over away from me and I knew I really shouldn't be watching this as she slid the towel between her legs and wiped off her privates.

Sherri straightened up and turned around while finishing drying herself off.

"There you go," she said when she finished and she handed me my towel while looked pointedly at my blatantly uncovered manhood.

I blushed and broke eye-contact as I pulled the towel up around me to finally cover up my exposed (and semi-hard) self and Sherri arched her eyebrow.

"All decent now?" She giggled with a hint of humor in her voice. "It was

nice seeing you again, Saunders."

There was a very definite giggle as she strolled out of the shower room with a definite sway to her hips.

I should have asked her to breakfast!