Chapter. 4

Aria'sNotepad- Trainingbegins

"Blooop! Blooop! It is time for all students to vacate their rooms and head for towards the bathing facilities, I repeat all students to vacate their dorm and head for towards the bathing facilities. If any student is caught lingering in the dorms, they will be taken before the discipline committee, Blooop!"

The alarm repeated itself again, I awoke in a drowsy state. I had gotten little sleep last night, wonder why? I had to listen to the constant wailing of the other orphans, in other dorm rooms including my own, I also had to lay on a comfy soft bed, in a warm cosy room which was something I wasn't used too. But its not like I hated the feeling of sleeping on a bed instead of a bunch of garbage bags.

"Blooop! Blooop! It is time for all students to vacate their rooms and head for towards the bathing facilities, I repeat all students to vacate their dorm and head for towards the bathing facilities. If any student is caught lingering in the dorms, they will be taken before the discipline committee, Blooop!"

"God damn, I heard ya the first time." I looked at my roommate "You crybaby time to go"

The boy sniffled, he sat up on his bed, rubbing his eyes "Mama?"

I rolled my eyes "Nope, I'm not your mama and this ain't the city of oz, boyo."

The boy's eyes widen "W-what? Where am I, who are you?"

"God are we reciting some play now?" I grabbed his arm then dragged him off the bed ", Come on kid we gotta go to this bathing facility."

The kid gaped at me "A bath? You mean there's water here?"

I shrug "I guess so, I mean what else can they bathe us with, shit?"

The kid wrinkled his dirty little nose "your mean."

I blinked, I hadn't meant to be mean, I was talking how I always talk to strangers "And you're a snot nosed brat," now I meant to be mean "Lets go kid."

I opened the door and peeked outside. In the middle of the hall was three lines of a bunch of dirty, malnourished children all walking down towards the end of the hall. Some of these kids looked like me, those who knew how to survive and didn't let themselves be coddled when life became hard, on the other hand there are kids who looked like they let themselves starve or were unable to take care of themselves. Some kids look about 2 years old other about fifteen years old. Many of them had wary looks on their face, while those too young to understand we're excited, yet tried to hid it out of fear of angering the older kids.

"What's going on out there boy?"

I glared at the kid, how old was this idiot? When I looked at him, he looked like a dirty ten year old, but he acted like a four year old "Kid shut your yap for about...forever ok?"

I looked both ends of the hall, a few guards were posted at the sides of the hall armed with cattle prods. I swallowed " Ok kid, we're gonna join the line, but don't do anything to draw attention to yourself and do as they say."

The kid clutched my arm "Are they gonna hurt us?" he asks, his voice quivering.

"Only if you don't d-"

"You two!"

I jumped, I looked up to see a tall man glaring down at us.

"You have been ordered to vacate your room, now since its your first day, and since I'm such a nice guy, I'll won't take you to disciplinary team, but I'll give you three seconds to get in line. Starting..." He glanced at his watch "Now. One."

We scurried out of our dorm and shoved our way in line. The guard sneered, then shut the door before returning to his post.

About two hours later I passed until we were next to be led into the bathing facility. When the doors opened again, none of the kids before us came out of the room, which struck me as odd.

A women in a long white coat and red heels walked out of the room "Next 9 student enter."

The kid clung to my arm "T-thats us..."

I scowled, I was growing tired of this kids clinginess. I jerked my arm away from him and headed inside the room, my eyes narrowing at the white coat women as she typed some down on a device I never seen before.

She caught me glancing and smiled "Go ahead, nothing will happen to you, you're safe here."

I was caught off by her act of kindness, but then I quickly recovered. I didn't trust her still, but if she was actually sincere then maybe I would be able to use her in someway...If I saw her again.

I cautiously enter the room. The floor was slightly muddy, most likely from all the dirt covering the previous kids bodies.

Once everyone was in, the door shut closed behind us by themselves. It spooked out my roommate and a couple of other kids. I guess they were too young to remember automatic doors.

"Now children," began the lady in red heels "I want you all to stand by the corner until I finish putting you down in the system." She paused looking at each and everyone of us in the eyes.

She smiled, I guess she figured that we were all going to be obedient and good children. I suppose she was right, since no wanted to get hit with a cattle prod...well the ones who know what a cattle prod is at least.

"First student come up."

A boy about five or four years old came up towards the women. The kid glared at her in suspicion, not at all happy to see her.

"Now show me your brand, sweety." red heels asked sweetly

The boy lifted up his sleeve, underneath were the numbers 415.

Red heels typed some more on her device "Ok honey, now go take off your clothes and go back in line.

The boy eyes widen "Why do I gotta take off my clothes?"

Red heels cackled "Well how else are we going to give you a good scrub down, sweety?"

The boy backed away from the lady "I ain't taking no bath."

Red heels smiled, amused by the little boy "Are you sure you don't want to take a bath sweety?"

"No!" The boy shouted.

Red heels sighed, her smiling never disappearing. She took out a small rod from in between her breast "I'm really sorry to do this sweety, but bad boys have to be punished." and in a blink of an eye, red heels activates the rod, blue electricity danced around the silver metal and press it against the boy.

The boy screams as the blue electricity struck all around his body.

We all watched stunned into silence. My roommate grabbed my hand and buried his face into my side.

Red heels brought the rod away from the boy, and deactivated it. She pouted "So sorry about that sweetie pie" she cooed.

The boy crumpled to the floor, his body twitching. Tears streaming down his face, small whimper escaping his throat.

Red heels put away the rod, then took out a communicator "I need a retriever to take student 415 to the disciplinary unit immediately, thank you."

She put away her communicator and looked at the rest of us with a sickly smile "Now next student?"

As the next student went up to red heels, I realized that I had put myself in a tough situation. From what I gathered, it would be wise to not trust any adult and possibly any other children in the facility. I knew now that in order to survive this place and find my brother, I would have to play their little game until I found him or find out if he's escaped.

"Next student?"

I looked to my right to see that no one was there, I walk towards red heels swiftly and showed her my brand.

She typed into her little device again, and motioned me to take off go take off my clothes.

I stripped out of my rags, tossing them into the pile of clothes in a little waste bin in the corner of the room.

When we were all naked, red heels went behind a glass room that i didn't notice at all until she opened its door.

"Begin bath."

Water poured down on us from the ceiling, it was kind of warm yet also hot, but not scalding hot that it would cause any of pain.

The water felt refreshing on my skin. I hadn't felt it in such a long time that I couldn't help but relax under it.

"Close your eyes children if you don't want any soup going into your eyes."

We all closed our eyes as the water turned into liquidize soap. After we were coated in the sticky substance something started to scrub us. I wanted to open my eyes to see what it was, but I had soap all over my eyelids and didn't want to risk it going into my eyes.

Someone cries, probably opened their eyes when they felt something touch them and to confirm my thoughts, red heels announced

"I told you not to open your eyes, now when the water come back on sweetheart, try to get water in it to wash out your eyes."

The scrubbing stopped, and then the water turned back on, then warm air slapped against our bodies, drying the water droplets off our bodies.

"Now you may open your eyes."

I opened my eyes, then looked at my roommate. The kid was completely transformed, his once dirty body was now completely clean making the features underneath known. My roommate has fair skin, tangled blonde hair, and now that I got a good look at him, dark green eyes.

He looked at me and gaped "Your black!"

I looked at my arm, I discovered that I have a light skin complexion, I never really knew since my body was always covered in garbage. Well now i know.

"What color are my eyes?" I ask

"Um...they're grey? I mean they're grey, but a dark shade of grey."

"hmm... I always thought they were just dark." Monte you really don't know your colors...

Oh god I just remember about Monte. Damn, I hate it when I get too passionate about something, I forget every other important things. I began to worry, I hope Monte knew how to handle himself, he did right? I mean he's been around Todd and me for years he should know how to take care of himself... I hope.

I'm looking for a beta reader for this story, someone who has time, wont idle and who can spot grammar and spelling mistakes.