Chapter 1 – What if This Will Happen?

"I can't wait to go on our shopping spree!" exclaims Bailey.

"Me, too!" I exclaim back.

Bailey and I planned to go shopping for four days at four different areas. We talked about it during school and decided to do it. After it was settled, we began to save our money and not buy anything with it until we go on our shopping spree. We also told our parents, and they said it was okay as long as we be careful, don't let anybody take our purses, and only buy a few things at each store to save money for the other days.

"But I'm also a little nervous," I say. "I'm afraid that we might get in a car accident."

"Elizabeth, don't worry," says Bailey softly, her hand on my back. "Would I ever get in a car accident?"

Bailey, 16 years old and the responsible one, just got her driver's license, and she's actually pretty good at driving. She still gets a little confused on which lanes to go on sometimes, but despite that, I give her a 10 on the scale for paying attention and knowing what to do, even when her long brown hair gets in her face. She also keeps her pretty light blue eyes locked on the road the whole time like it's the only thing that she sees and nothing else is in her view. Now that's what I call an experienced driver but still has a little sprinkle of a beginner in her!

Unfortunately, I, 14 years old and the mature one, have to wait two years to get my license. I mean, I just graduated from elementary school a few weeks ago, and I'm going to be a freshman. Luckily, I can start driving when I'm fifteen because I'll have my permit by then. My shoulder-lengthed strawberry blonde hair won't get in my face, and I will have my olive green eyes locked on the road like Bailey. On the brighter side, I am going to buy cool clothes, shoes, and jewelry with my sister tomorrow and the next three days!

"Girls!" yells mom. "It's time for bed!"

"Okay," Bailey and I reply back in unison.

We walk to the bathroom, brush our teeth, and go to our rooms. I climb into bed, and after I cover myself with my sheets, I look at the ceiling. Bailey's right. She would never get in a car accident. It's not that I don't trust her. I'm just worried that some idiot will come out of nowhere and hit us. But it's not time to think about that. I push that thought out of my mind and close my eyes, thinking about how our shopping spree is going to go like we planned.