The Guilt

A ruined tissue of black and blood

Is clutched between trembling fingers.

Your lungs are wrought with apathy,

Whilst in your eyes the darkness lingers.


You cry tears of loathing – salty tears of despair,

As your lips curl and quiver with pain.

You bleed whispers of pleading redemption,

But your tears they fall in vain.


The remorse is choking and poisons the air,

Because every accusation slices right through you;

The truth boils your blood with self-loathing

And resonates in each soul you never got through to.


Burning the acid in your stomach,

The Guilt becomes a monster within;

He reaches with cold hands to grasp the base of your spine

And breaks a bone for every sin.


So you cling to that person, that someone –

As though trying to absorb their goodness through osmosis.

And there's a flicker of hope, of that final forgiveness,

But the hope is no more than hypnosis.


You swear to any deity that will listen –

You promise to be better in the there and then;

But that's an oath that no-one can keep,

Because the Guilt always comes hunting again.

Okay so this is probably one of the most depressing things I've ever written… :)

X :D