The Splintered Ones

It's like a scattered ring of vicious whispers,

But the judgment isn't theirs to make.

They watch with shaded eyes, unblinking,

And confusion follows in their wake.


These spectators, they don't understand –

Their sinful script doesn't match the play.

So in their disappointment they glare and lie

Because it's more entertaining that way.


And maybe if the two subjects of their lies

Were more whole, less splintered and stronger,

Then maybe they could have weathered the storm –

Perhaps their luck would have lasted longer.


But as it is they are fragile, more human –

Two people slipping through the pavement cracks.

They dare to grasp each other's fingers

As the world it creaks on their backs.


We should mourn that these two wanderers

Were never given the chance to speak.

Because she's far from mean and feeble,

And he's far from foolish and weak.


Confusion and fear are emotions, not crimes –

And devotion is the virtue of kings.

Maybe he wanted to fix her –

Soothe her bruises and mend her wings.


But she was afraid of breaking him,

As though her anxieties were a disease;

What if her heart was betraying her,

And it was fear making her weak at the knees?


No-one should judge something so private

As the muddled longings of two lonely souls.

It's no-one else's place to join the dots,

Tie up loose ends and fill in holes.


Maybe friends is all they wish to be,

Or perhaps they're playing with the fire of something more.

But those vicious whispers can't poison them;

This is love, not a social war.


Or perhaps that word is too strong;

Four letters too serious, too late?

But it's up to them to decide

Whether to dive in, stay back or wait.


So leave them alone, those two muddled souls,

And let them puzzle through it together.

Because no-one but them can choose their passage,

Turn back time or predict the weather.


Here's to you, the splintered ones,

May you never tremble or break.

Stay patient, honest and true,

And may love follow in your wake.

This was written at like 1am a few nights ago, so… let me know what you think! :)

X :D