Dear mom and dad,

I only want a dog.

Someone to love and nuture.

Something small and lovable

To teach me responsibilty and endurance.

I know doggies are expensive, but I'll gladly pay for the cost if it means I'll have a friend.

Just someone that in case I have another break down at midnight, they can comfort me and love me.

Mommy, I just want a dog.

Someone who I can start a new life with

A new lifestyle where I don't have to be sorry for not caring anymore

Daddy, I just want a dog

Someone who will always be there for me

Someone I can confide in, and not feel sorry to

I just want a dog.

Someone who I don't have to explain how hard it is to be me

A friend who will listen, not saying how easy I really have it

Someone who understands what it's like not to feel good about herself

Someone who needs my help, and who can at the same time, help me

I want to be loved by something...I want to love something

Mommy, daddy,

I want my helplessness to end

I just want to have a true friend.